Saturday, December 28, 2019

AND........ it's over

What a busy holiday it was!!  Dear god I am almost glad it is over........ the older I get the more tired the holidays make me.......... 

We had an amazing Christmas Eve and Christmas morning here at home with the lil one..... read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' just before bed on the 24th....... and believe it or not we had to wake the lil one on Christmas morning at 8:00 am!!!  Stockings were opened in bed with Sir Steve and myself....... and Santa brought us warm woolly socks - Papa Bear, Mama Bear and lil bear......... 

We didn't rush opening the gifts - took our time - and nibbled on fresh croissants and jam while we opened them....... we even had some time to relax before packing up the car with goodies and gifts and suitcases and heading off to eldest daughter's ..... 

We had a delightful visit with eldest daughter and son in law -- opened more presents including squirrel socks for me and a squirrel tree ornament (have I told you about the continuing squirrel saga?? ) Feasted on Chinese Food (so not traditional turkey) and spent a fun couple of days with them.

We came home yesterday and the lil one has just left with Sir Steve to go to her mother's for the rest of the Christmas break.  I can't help but think we may have spoiled her a wee bit too much........ by yesterday she was acting a wee bit more entitled than I like....... 

Sir Steve and I now have a week together (fortunately he's off work till the 6th!!) We want to finish the redecorating we started last spring........ and spend some quality time together....... I am even hoping - hope against hope - that maybe.......... Sir Steve will have the inclination to find the spanking toys.

Life is good when the holidays were the best they could have been -- and even better now they're over!!


  1. You know I'm still waiting on Christmas. I love the holidays, but what I love the most of all are the ordinary days. I love my routine, Good Morning America, the first 20 minutes of Kelly and Ryan and then a good cup of coffee and writing until one. Simple, ordinary but it's both relaxing and recharging. So I am in the best of times - still looking forward to the whole family being together for Christmas and looking past that for everything to get back to normal.

  2. Hi Morningstar, so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas and time with your daughter. Your Christmas eve and morning sounded delightful. Love the socks!

    Enjoy your week of alone time together. Fingers crossed the spanking toys make an appearance:)



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