Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Little Gifts

The most wonderful thing about the holiday season is the unexpected lil joys -- old friendships renewed -- new friendships discovered -- laughter and sharing.

Way back when I first started blogging there was a group of submissives that I kinda fell into........ though I never met them... I quickly became invested in their stories and I like to think them in mine.  We emailed ... we chatted... we bonded.  And then life happened ...... slowly the blogs closed down and the friends drifted away.  It made me sad... me the one who hates change!  and these were big changes.  I don't remember how it happened but these women and I became friends on vanilla social media -- mostly Facebook.  Things had changed but I still got a snapshot of their lives.... 

Yesterday I was reading my Facebook feed and one of the past submissives posted they were going to be doing 'holidailies' this year.  I sat up straight and gawked...... 'holidailies'??!!  It has been years since I heard anyone mention holidailies.  Years ago it was a 'thing' that went on for the month of December.  You agreed to post a blog every day for the month -- there was a coordinator who posted all the blogs participating ...... and even divided them up into vanilla and adult only blogs.  

This submissive was known back then as Leesa (as in leesa and Frank) ...... she's been through her own personal hell in the last couple of years and to know she was gonna be writing again for holidailies made me feel warm and fuzzy.  She is now living in Hawaii and her writings are all vanilla --  if you are interested in giving her a read she can be found at  The Purple Alligator

Then I was reading the Monkey's blog yesterday and saw that the Great Cookie Exchange is celebrating 10 years!!  And I got that warm fuzzy feeling again...... another blast from the past.  I never participated because I couldn't get coordinated enough in December -- nevertheless it made me happy that another holiday tradition was still going strong!! 

Life is good when memories give us little gifts

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  1. Hi Morningstar,

    How wonderful to reconnect with old friends:)



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