Thursday, December 05, 2019

Home Corners

I thought today I would take you all on a little tour of our home... well the Christmasy bits of it anyway........   Someone asked me (can't remember who - sorry) to show some of our tree ornaments....... which is what I was gonna do this morning.  But last night I was admiring all our 'Danish' decorations and thought I would do more than share tree ornaments - I would show you all the lil Christmasy corners of our home.

(you can click on the thumb nails and get a bigger picture) 
Let's start in the front hallway -  

I collect European Santas - I have always loved the Saint Nicholas santas from Europe and I love Santa sleighs.......  

The lil one and I made 3D snowflakes a week or so ago and this weekend we hung them in her room so when she came home (surprise surprise!) she had a snow storm in her bedroom

she was duly impressed! 

I adore the Danish gnomes!!  They may have been a contributing factor to our theme this year........ We have gnomes on our tree and a semi big gnome on an end table in the living room .......... and then we have this new addition....... 

He sits right in front of me in the living room -- my own personal gnome...

And then there is our tree........ so full of memories....... old and new...........

this year I taught the lil one to make these Danish woven baskets -- they are hanging on the tree stuffed with small candies - waiting to be given out to visitors...

Then we have our straw ornaments - straight from Denmark (the joys of the internet you can get almost anything!!)

These bells (I have 4 of them) were fund raisers when my girls were in school.  I loved them!! and think I bought their entire stock........ (I divided them up between myself and my girls when the girls moved out to their own homes)  

And these bird decorations I bought years ago at Ikea -- so yeah they fit in with our Danish theme! 

There are so many more but I kinda think enough is enough.... 
However there is one........ a tradition I started when my girls were little.  

Every year we would (of course) go visit Santa.  Then we would go to The Bay and the girls could pick one tree ornament each.  
Last year I introduced that tradition with the lil one.  After sitting on Santa's knee we went to a small shop that sold tree ornaments.  I told her she could have any ornament she wanted....... there were all sorts of commercial ornaments -- I figured she would pick one of the Frozen ornaments..... but she was drawn to some pewter ornaments (colour me surprised!  I LOVE pewter and have a few on the tree) She spent FOREVER looking at them -- reading the words to us (getting us to help read the ornaments) I was getting a little impatient -- 

Then she said "this one! It's perfect for our family"  

Life is good when the lil ones start to 'get' it......


  1. Everything is beautiful! I don't have the decorating bug. We had a tree of course, and several other spots look nice. I gave each child an ornament each year since they were born intending to give them to the kids as they left. My son, in a small NYC apartment has no room. Mollie unmarried still comes here for Christmas and doesn't even put up a tree in her house. So I guess they will divide them up somewhere down the road.

  2. Moringstar. So wonderful, I loved the pictures of your decorations. Thanks for sharing. Same as PK, I don't have the decorating bug. I love your tradition about choosing an ornament each year. I'm going to steal it and start it with our Granddaughter.


  3. Oh wow Morningstar, the decorations are stunning and everything looks amazing, thank you for sharing these with us. I love your tradition of choosing new decorations every year too.

    I haven't decorated yet but will soon.



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