Monday, December 02, 2019

Rare Treasure

For years I have had 'themed' Christmases... cause ya know Christmas isn't busy enough or stressful enough -- I like to add a new twist to the stress levels.

This year we are having a 'Scandinavian' Christmas (combining Denmark, Germany, Sweden - and yeah I know Scandinavian might be a bit of reach) I wrote about the tree decorations for our Christmas - - straw ornaments, the Danish woven baskets, and candy cones.  

I have been hunting down easy recipes for Danish/German/Swedish Christmas foods especially sweets.  I remember an almond tart ....... from years ago.  I love almond and decided I would make these Danish (dutch??) treats this year.  Easy peasy right??  
Except for the fact I needed almond paste.  NOT marzipan which one of the grocers tried to convince me was the same thing - NO - pure almond paste.

Being down for the count with this bloody bronchitis has limited my ability to run around hunting for this almond paste.  On Saturday Sir Steve agreed to drive me around and if I pooped out he could finish the shopping ( we needed groceries as well as almond paste) After hitting every grocery store imaginable in this small town one sales clerk kindly suggested a wee small shop called Sharon's Pantry.  She didn't know if they would have any -- but she said 'if anyone has it they will'.  So off we went.  

It was the most amazing shop...... filled with treasures... memories from my grandmother's well stocked kitchen!  After roaming around for a bit .......and not seeing any almond paste I asked the owner......... and to my surprise she had it!!  And she added she carries it year round (like I am gonna make almond tarts year round!)  She took us over to the spot where the almond paste was -- and as we approached she said 'you might want to sit down when you see the price'.  I thought she was kidding - after all how much could almond paste cost?!

When I saw the price tag I blinked -- and blinked again.......... 

$61.82 per kg

Yes that's right almost $62 for 2.2 pounds of pure almond paste!!

I took a big breath -- did some quick math in my head (I needed 1/2 pound) and swallowed hard and said "I'll take 1/2 pound".  It cost almost $15 -- I just had to have almond tarts!

Here's to themed Christmases and expensive treasures in the form of almond paste!  
Here's what they should look like when I do finally make them.......... 


  1. This could have been written in Greek for what I really understood. I don't cook, and I don't decorate much. A tree, maybe the mantle - and don't get me started on the mantle! Old mix-matched ornament. Whatever caught the kids fancy when they were little. I would love to see your decorations this year. I would love to try an almond tart - and I would eat it slowly to savor it. For this year I'd just be happy to have my wall back.

  2. PK - you lost your wall???!!! did I miss something?

  3. They look delish! Will look forward to seeing yours! I have been able to find real almond paste at the bulk barn before!

  4. Hooray for finding almond paste, but wow, the price. That store does sound like a treasure trove. The tarts look awesome.


  5. One wall it down to the studs in the living room - for over 6 weeks. I'm ready for it to be DONE! Redecorating is not my thing!

  6. Danish is correct for Denmark. Dutch refers to the Netherlands, which makes ZERO sense to me.

    They look delicious!

  7. I agree with selkie; I have seen almond paste at Bulk Barn too.

    I've made Mary Berry's frangipane tart twice, with fresh peaches on top, glazed with warmed apricot jam. Frangipane is just ground almonds, milk, sugar, flour, eggs and butter, and tastes lovely! It would probably be a good substitute for almond paste.



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