Saturday, December 14, 2019


It is a very mild morning (+2C about 45F) and it was very early -- still dark early -- I was sitting outside on our new deck (more about that another day) soaking in the peace and quiet and absolute stillness...... letting my mind just wander from thought to thought........ when I had this light bulb moment.

Christmas is almost over -- this sadness crept over me.  Wait!  what did that thought mean - Christmas is almost over ??  it isn't even here yet!!  And I realized Christmas for me is NOT one day -- no no no!!  It's the weeks of preparation -- it's finding the right gift for everyone -- it's baking and cleaning and decorating.  It's Christmas lights and Christmas music and all the decorations in all the stores and on all the homes.  It's the instant smile that appears when you sincerely wish someone a "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" -- there's a softness to the edges at this time of year. 

It's making memories whether with a child or with a loved one -- carol singing and tree lighting at city hall -- it's parcels arriving at the door and envelopes with Christmas cards not bills.  

Last night we were sitting quietly watching a Christmas movie and Sir Steve said "the tree is beautiful this year!" words of love by my definition.  He really truly loves this season as much as I do!!  and then he said " This is gonna be a great Christmas!" and I smiled and said "yes it is" and I remembered how he said that last year too!!  

Life is very good when your love knows the secret - Christmas is found in your heart!

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  1. Aww, love this post Morningstar. How wonderful that Sir Steve enjoys the season as much as you do. Savour each moment, the best of the season is yet to come :)



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