Monday, December 23, 2019

Excitement Builds

Yesterday the lil one had a busy day -- which means WE had a busy one too!  

She went shopping with Sir Steve for odds and ends in the morning - and then we had a 'family' bake session.  Actually the recipe I had was an excellent one for younger kiddies to make....... simple enough that they can almost make them themselves!!  Bonus -- they are actually really good!!  Christmas Hugs........

Then mid afternoon - we all headed back to Montreal to have dinner with Sir Steve's son and girlfriend.  (thank god I did ALL that baking cause the son asked if he could have - as his Christmas gift - some of my baked goodies)

BUT the best part of this weekend ....... as far as I am concerned ... I got the best Christmas presents ever!!

More than once over the weekend the lil one said how happy she was to be with us for Christmas - cause that is the REAL Christmas!!  

Then last night -- in a parking lot in the dark waiting for Sir Steve to grab some meds from the drugstore -- the lil one said she wished she didn't have to go to Mom's (tonite through till dinner tomorrow) ....... I asked why and she said "I just want to stay with you and Daddy -- there's no yelling with you ....... and we have so much fun together"........  

AND then.......... we're home snuggled in for the night - lil one tucked into bed -- and I get a message from Sir Steve's son.  (just a little back history - he has pretty much tolerated me up to this point and I got it!  I stayed back and figured when he was ready he would include me/accept me) The message thanked me for the baked goods BUT then he added 'thank you for coming with Dad tonite to have dinner and thank you for all you do for my Dad.  I love you S" ....... 

Life is very good when love fills the air.

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  1. Aww Morningstar, how wonderful, this made me smile:) what a lovely message from Sir Steve's son. Sounds like you have had a fantastic lead up to Christmas:)



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