Friday, December 06, 2019

In the middle of all that peace love and joy

There is frustration!!!!

I don't know if it's 4 weeks of being sick........ too much Christmas excitement .... OR too many worries........... but (sadly) I kinda lost it yesterday

I have been pushing through the side effects of the meds I am on to get a handle on the Christmas baking... finish up the Christmas shopping.... and sort out all the schedules.  

Then yesterday Thursday -- dance class -- and the lil one can't find her dance leotard.  She asked me where I put it when I washed it.  I said that I hadn't washed it... hadn't seen it since the previous week.  We looked -- we didn't find it.  The lil one kept insisting that it had been in the wash (which is the same as saying "where did you put it!!!?) 

I back tracked and realized she had gone to mom's last week after dance class..... the leotard was at mom's!  I ground my teeth.  Fortunately we had her leotard from her recital last spring so she put that on.  I fired off a message to mother -- mother's response was her usual off hand 'well I told her to pack it to bring it home!' GRRRRRRRR I suggested in future she double check things are packed to bring home!  BUT it's not her problem is it??!!  Noooooooo it's my problem to sort out!!!

Damn it this isn't my job!  Why am I stressing about forgotten items?? Why am I stressing over dance clothes?? This is NOT my job!

I am no angel -- no super hero raising another woman's child -- nope not me.... I am human and sometimes it all really REALLY grates ya know?

Can we pleaseeeeeeeee bring back the peace love and joy?


  1. Ah,tis the season for joy and peace...and stress. What would otherwise be minor frustrations suddenly become bigger. Of course, feeling under the weather doesn't help. Take care of yourself and rest when you can.


  2. Morningstar,
    Oh, if the medication is a steroid for your bronchitis, then you get a very big pass...... that stuff can be really irritating to me.

    I think you're doing a great job with the little one. I wish you well very soon! Hugs, Windy


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