Thursday, December 12, 2019

Making a list......... or is it lists?!

Well I spent some time this morning checking off stuff from my 'to do' list.

The gifts are all bought and mostly wrapped -- CHECK

The baking is done (unless I decide to make another date loaf) -- CHECK
and the almond tarts with the pricey almond paste (read about it HERE)  got made yesterday and DAMN!  they are good if I do say so myself!

Menus for the holidays done -- CHECK

Major house cleaning being done today -- CHECK 

We're coming down to the wire....... I would like all the mundane stuff done by this weekend -- the baking and cleaning and tidying........ and then 'let the fun begin'!!

Fun being -- 
visit to Santa 
Story Telling at the lil one's school
Lunch out with the lil one
Christmas movies with popcorn
Christmas stories
Family Christmas baking (just one batch of 'hugs' cookies that the lil one can virtually make unsupervised

AND the best part .......... in exactly one week and one day Sir Steve is on a 2 week holiday!!  Two whole weeks of family time.... of laughter and loving..... 

Life is very good when Christmas comes without stress or bah humbugs or worries.


  1. Down here we'd say, "I believe you got 'er if she don't jump!" Sounds like you're headed for a delightful Christmas. I hope it's the best ever.

  2. Wow Morningstar, you are so organised! The almond tarts look amazing, glad they worked out so well. Love your fun list :)



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