Saturday, February 04, 2017

Moving Heaven and Earth

During the Fairy Tale entries -- I talked about how LLF would say "I promise" and how I would react to the word 'promise'.

When LLF says he's coming to spend the weekend -- I hold my breath -- cause anything could happen - out of his control -- that could cancel our weekend together.

A couple of weeks ago he had just arrived when his lil daughter called and said she wanted to go home.  My heart dropped.  BUT his daughter comes first!  I heard him tell her he couldn't come that night -- but if she still wanted to go home he would come and get her the next morning.  Then he got on the computer and found a favourite aunt who would go and spend the next day with her.  He told her he had made a commitment for Saturday and wanted to keep it.  I couldn't believe what he was doing...... he was trying with every ounce of his being to keep his promise to me!  The aunt went and visited ..... and we got to spend the weekend together.

We have a big weekend planned this weekend.  We have been looking forward to it all week.  On Thursday night he told me the 'mom' had called and said she might not be able to take the daughter as she didn't feel well.  

I sat quietly and took a couple of big breaths....... and realized it wasn't the end of the world -- shit happens -- and there are still many more weekends to come....... 

BUT -- about 10 minutes later he told me he had babysitting covered if 'mom' did back out.  I couldn't believe it.  He had moved heaven and earth to keep his promise.  He will bring the dog (I can't wait to see how Missy handles having a black lab house guest for the weekend) and we will get to do everything we planned!

He is one of the few men I have met who 1) actually makes promises and 2) actually keeps them. 

He is a man with good intentions AND good character.

I am a very lucky lady.


  1. I am very happy for you and so get you on this. Because of my past it took me along time...too long...that Master said what He meant and meant what He said. He proves it to me over and over...and that makes me a very lucky lady..glad you found that.
    hugs abby

  2. morningstar, that man is truly amazing. It has always been my experience that a man's kids come first, followed by mom and any other family member.

    You are so blessed to have LLF in your life.



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