Thursday, February 23, 2017


LLF and I have basically kept our relationship -- well the seriousness of our relationship -- a secret.  We kinda lived our love in the shadows.  

Oh I talked about it here -- but I never used his name -- he has been my "long last friend".  And some folks met him -- but still I introduced him as "my friend from Montreal".

This weekend we stepped out of the shadows into the glaring light of reality.  And we walked out holding hands and danced with joy.

When I got home Monday night, LLF told me he wanted to change our status on Facebook to "in a relationship" !  Boy talk about taking a giant step forward.  Yet I didn't have a moment's hesitation ......... "Yes!" I said "Do it" 

So he changed his status to "in a relationship with____"
which automatically changed mine.

Then we went on FL and added the same information there "in a relationship with ______" 

And it was official!

I don't think I have stopped smiling since........ 

Going with the theme of moving out of the shadows -- the alias "LLF" will no longer be used here on The Continued Journey....... 
from now on I will use his name..........
(drum roll please)

Without further ado -- may I introduce the love of my life

Sir Steve



  1. That's wonderful! I am so happy for both of you.


  2. Aww congrats Morning Star! ☺️


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