Friday, February 03, 2017

Men Do It too

Who knew?!

Yesterday I read an enlightening post over on Fetlife. 

First I need to explain that in 60+ years I have had experience with exactly 6 cocks.  So needless to say I don't have a whole lot of knowledge or 'know how'.
This chap was writing about how sometimes he worries his cock is too small.  He explained that the women he has been with have complimented him on the girth and length.  They said it was a perfect fit. He was surprised.  

What surprised me the most was that he compared this mild form of 'angst' as similar to what women go through comparing themselves to magazines/movie stars etc.  I was surprised. In hind sight I am not sure why I was surprised -- it certainly makes perfect sense that men might have sexual issues / body image issues -- why wouldn't they ?? They're human.  And he explained that most men only have porn films to compare themselves to........ geez that's much worse than looking at pictures of women in magazines or movie stars !!

But for me -- it was a "who knew" moment.

It seems I never stop learning -- which is a very good thing! 

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