Wednesday, February 22, 2017


It was almost dark in the room - the only light being the small table lamp on his side of the bed.

All the laughing/teasing/bratting was done for the day.

He sat up and moved over on top of me.

Taking his time -- changing positions -- going fast -- going slow -- teasing me with his cock -- then going as deeply as possible - then pushing in more taking one more inch of me.   His eyes never left my face.  There was no rush -- I felt it in my soul -- there was no rush -- this was his love pouring out of him into me -- giving me such pleasure.

No rush -- I could savor his cock inside me -- I took time to feel the ridges -- the pulsing -- feel it banging against me -- almost painful -- but not - just pure pleasure.  

I whispered to him "I can't wait anymore" (I wasn't begging -- I wasn't asking permission -- I was simply stating a fact) and he whispered back "then don't hold it" and I didn't.  Not that time -- or the times after that.

He would stop between - rest inside me -- tickle me -- and my eyes would widen from the sensations and then he would start again ..... and my body moved in complete unison with his.

Sometime much later -- when we were finished -- he gently rolled onto his side -- sorting out my legs, my arms softly -- gently -- I felt like a china doll -- not fragile just so precious.

He pulled me in close to him - arms wrapped around me tightly and sleep came ........ 
But not before I realized this -- THIS -- was making love and I smiled as sleep closed my eyes. 


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