Monday, February 06, 2017

Blended Family

Well -- LLF and I had our first attempt at melding the families.

(BIG sigh)

Anyone who says it's easy to combine families needs to share their secret with us.

LLF got a sitter for one of his kids for the weekend -- but the other one came with him......... I didn't exactly prepare my lil one for her arrival.  Hind sight says I might have done a better job preparing her for the arrival of her "step sister".

LLF arrived with arms full and kid anxious to explore. I helped get everything to the apartment and we all kinda of fell in the door -- noisy and disruptive.

My dear Missy was NOT impressed with the noise or her new step sister 


However step sister was much more accepting and behaved herself beautifully all weekend long 

keeping her distance but trying so very hard to convince Missy to come and play.

Missy however spent the weekend -- hiding behind the television set and refusing to be polite -- only hissing and spitting at poor lil step sister.

It was a mildly amusing weekend ........... and with time I am sure Missy will learn to at least tolerate her step sister!


  1. Don't hold your breath. Kittehs are not often dog-friendly. At her age she may never come around, but good to know her lovely step-sis was so well-behaved.


  2. Although they were not "steps" my 2 babies became best of friends over time and so there is always hope. Great pics and love that it all is going so well in your world.


  3. FirePhoenix4:03 pm

    I have had a cat for nearly 15 years and he's reached his grumpy old man stage. When my cat was about 3, we brought home this little yellow lab puppy and the cat gave him a few smacks to teach him who was boss and all was well after that. The dog grew up and the cat and dog got along just fine. Fast forward 12 years later, we said good bye to our lab this summer and recently adopted a German Shepherd dog who still has a bit of puppy in him. He wants to play with the cat so bad but the cat isn't having any of it. If the dog gets too friendly, the cat will smack him about (which only winds the dog up even more) but after the first few weeks, as long as the dog ignores the cat, the cat ignores the dog.


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