Saturday, April 06, 2013

Last Hurdle

Well I am down to 3 months till I retire.  AND I still have not sold my house.  Two weeks ago I had someone ring my doorbell.  When I opened the door it was a family who wanted to see the house.  I explained that there was an open house the next day and they should come back then........... but they were so insistent on seeing the house right then and there that I let them in.

Now they didn't have a strong understanding of the English language - nor did they have any french....... and trust me when I say I didn't speak their mother tongue (though i would love to ) 

Anyway they came in and went through it.... and they even came back to the open house and spoke with my agent.  They had told me they HAD to have this house.  They told my agent they HAD to have this house.

Two weeks later my agent was still jumping through hoops trying to get them to sign on the dotted line.  (le sigh)

Despite their seeming lack of understanding of our language - they found someone to take them to see other homes in the area.  They started back pedaling on this house.  (It is a major buyer's market right now - with 30+ homes just like mine in the same area - on the market) 

Finally on Tuesday they made an offer.  A low offer.  

But my agent did her homework - and I did mine.  The price of homes in my area have dropped by 20,000 to 30,000$ since the fall!!!  and the ones that are still on the market are the ones who are living in some seller's fantasy land.

So I counter offered - and they countered offer - but their counter was their final price.  My agent agreed to drop her commission some so the difference wasn't too great.  I signed the counter offer.

Now before you all start jumping up and down for joy for me........... they don't have a mortgage yet.  And that could be a major stumbling block. (according to my agent) HE has only held a job here in the Great White North for 2 years - the banks prefer 3 years with the same company.   On the plus side - they do however have 40,000$ cash to put down........ and they have ordered a "home inspection" to take place tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. 

I am worried about the house inspection.  This is an older home (30 years older) ...... it needs some work for sure !!!  I am worried it won't pass the inspection and I may NEVER sell it !!


if it does pass (by some miracle ) and they do get a mortgage (by some miracle) I will be outta here June 1st.

I could use some real strong karma - good vibes - prayers whatever it is you do........... cause this is my last hurdle ...................... I am so damn close I can taste it !!!  


  1. you KNOW I am rooting for ya!!!

  2. Anonymous10:45 am

    Fingers crossed!

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed that it all falls into place and you can clear this "last" hurdle...

    You do know that there are always more hurdles ahead... right? I've come to believe that LIFE is all hurdles :-)


  4. @ sue

    oh hush you !!! (cheeky grin) surely there will be NO more hurdles to come??!!! i am just gonna coast into retirement and my new life... LOL

  5. Ordalie1:30 pm

    Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed too!

  6. Sending all the good karma I can manage.....
    hugs abby

  7. Im thinking of selling mine as well so I'll send you great karma, you sell your house, pump up that karma and send it back my way :)

  8. @Renee - you got it !! i promise :)

  9. What a major stress for you. Sending good vibes. It'll work to, it has to...


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