Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Special or spoiled

I left one detail out of the weekend's report - because I felt it needed a blog entry of it's own.  (Unfortunately I kinda hurt W's feelings cause he thought I forgot to mention it)  

On Saturday W gave me a small velvet bag. I knew that he had been to a burlesque show and (being the lucky SOB he is) he won a door prize.  A pretty dark chain with red 
stones - it's either a bracelet or an anklet - I didn't try it on.............. because tucked inside the bag was another little trinket.  

Isn't it beautiful??!!!  It went on and yes I will admit I forgot the ruby jeweled bracelet/anklet.  I just kept staring at the knotted bracelet - love knot right?? ok maybe not - but I am calling it a "love knot"!!!

I feel so spoiled.  I kept thinking all weekend long "what did I do to deserve this"???  W knows how to spoil me - or maybe it's more than spoiled - maybe he knows how to make me feel special.  I like special .....  I like being the #1 subbie (inside joke - don't ask)

So after being tied and beaten and showered with jewelry - I would rate this weekend a TEN !!

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  1. Morningstar, it is so beautiful. You can even wear it to school and no one would think twice about its special significance.



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