Thursday, April 04, 2013


I have noticed - over the last few months (ok maybe longer than that) that when I go looking for pictures to illustrate a blog entry I am getting more and more BDSM pictures that depict sex.  

S E X 


When I type in the search engine - Master and slave - I get picture after picture of cocks and vaginas and fisting and sex toys.

When I type in the search engine - submissive - I get picture after picture of vaginas and double penetration and fisting and cocks - oh yeah and the occasional bondage picture usually with the pussy exposed - or a gag in the mouth with cock in the vagina

When I type in the search engine - bondage - I get picture after picture of naked bodies bound and chained (good so far) but then upon closer inspection - the models are nude with their genitals exposed and front and center.  Or I get pictures of male bodies or female bodies bound and giving blow jobs.

Doesn't anyone else just want a picture that depicts the beauty of BDSM without all the sex???? Doesn't anyone else question why BDSM is becoming synonymous with sex?

Is this the influence of 50 Shades - or is it what "sells"?? How confusing/misleading for newbies - don't you agree?

Or am I the only one who sees so much more to BDSM than a quick fuck?



  1. Ordalie12:10 am

    Nothing to do with this post but I have a question for you: Would you say "I have homework to correct" or "I have homework to mark"?
    A quick answer would be much appreciated since it's a bet I have made.

  2. ordalie
    As i always taught kindergarten i didn't have much homework to mark OR correct (cheeky grin)

    But thinking about it - I would probably say "homework to mark" as using "correct" implies everyone will get it wrong

  3. Ordalie1:09 pm

    Well, thank you! I knew kindergarten work was your speciality but we all know the lingo anyway.
    So I was right, I often am but my sister insists on betting.
    I'd say in English they say mark, here in France they say correct.
    So does it mean some only give marks while elsewhere they mark AND explain why, I just don't know.


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