Monday, April 29, 2013

eeny meeny miny mo

As much as I have movers coming to pack and load and move "my stuff" there is still a fair amount of sorting I have to do.

W has been sweet enough to agree to my choice of  decorating style - oriental of course.  Which means that all the antiques that have filled my house for like - forever - are not coming with me.  Most of them are being divided between my two daughters...... the family heritage will live on in their homes PLUS I still get visiting rights (cheeky grin)

Nevertheless - it isn't an easy job - picking what goes where - and what can come with me.  AND remember W and I are melding two homes into one - so it is very necessary to pick and choose what goes in the moving truck.

Saturday eldest daughter came and together we loaded up my car with some of the things she is taking.  Each item we lovingly packed came with a story.... like the hand blown cranberry glass bell - that was a wedding gift to my grandparents - that survived World War II packed in a barrel of flour.  The wooden framed mirror that came from Aunt Olive's house -it had originally been a window in an old Victorian house   These stories are important!!  Family history has to be passed down - otherwise it will get lost.

Over the past few months - while the house was on the market - I would walk through and lovingly touch a piece of furniture here - a picture there and I realized there were some things that I am NOT ready to pass on to the next generation.

There is the sculpture of my parent's last home.  The home my father had built just for my mother - and the sculpture came when he knew he wouldn't be around forever - yet he wanted HER house to live on with her forever.  So it is coming with me - I can't part with it - it is (for some reason) a HUGE link to my Mom and Dad.  

There is the little cabinet with drawers that came from Aunt Olive's house - that has sat at the top of my stairs.  The drawers almost empty - serving no real purpose except to bring a bit of Olive into my life every day.  

Then there are my clothes.  I have 2 cupboards filled with clothing.......... count 'em TWO!!  One of my cupboards is bigger than all 3 cupboards in Kingston!!!  I have pared down the piles of clothing twice already - sending bags to Good Will.  I realized this week - when I opened the cupboard to get dressed for work - that I still have WAY too much clothing!!  Time to fill more bags................ eeny meeny mino mo......... what stays what goes???

And YES W - before you jump in and remind me that You have said "bring everything" I know that - but I also know that I won't be able to stand feeling crowded just for the sake of one more table - or one more pair of pants.  So I am down to the scientific division of property - "eeny meeny miny mo"   

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  1. At least you have a good reason for going through your stuff. I'm going through mine because its starting to take over our house. Uggggh, It is a bit difficult, at times. Glad your daughters/family is taking the stuff with stories!


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