Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sentiments

Usually on Sunday I have some cute clever humorous saying in this spot.

I don't feel very clever or humorous or cute today.  In fact today I feel downright ugly.

I woke up feeling sad - to my core.  And before I had even had my first coffee I was crying.  I feel so sad today.  I feel so damn alone today.  I feel - truthfully - like I don't matter.  

The world spins on around me - everyone having fun - laughing - playing - joking - teasing - and somehow I am on the outside looking in........ and no one gets it!  no one damn well GETS IT.

I just want to find a deep dark safe hole and climb in pull the top in over me and disappear for a good long while.......... 

Till my soul feels healed 
Till I am heard
Till I am strong again. 


  1. I am SO, so very sad about this blog today...


  2. I do hope you are feeling better - brighter - stronger - today

    Sending as much warm and a hug as will fit through the internet



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