Monday, April 08, 2013

Continuing Saga

Right - so everyone knows by now (if you don't know - where have you been for the last 8 months!!??) I am trying to sell my house so that when I retire I can move to Kingston to be with W with no stress or worries.  AND most of you should know I have had an offer - AND the home inspection was on Sunday.

To say I was stressed over this home inspection is an understatement.  Everything hinged on this inspection - AND - if there were problems then I couldn't even keep it on the market - at least until the problems were fixed.  

AND yes I had reason to worry...... 
1)  someone I work with sold their home a month ago - when the buyers did the home inspection they found MOLD in the attic - tons of mold!!  The house had to come off the market until it could be removed - and now - even though it is gone - the house has a reputation and no one is even coming to see it 
2) my house is 30 years old - it has creaks and pains and cracks from old age.  There is one crack in the kitchen that goes right through to the dining room - 
3) When I bought the house there was a water mark on the ceiling tiles in the cupboard in the basement.  Truthfully I forgot about it - my inspector said there had - at one time or another - been a flood in the kitchen - probably with the dishwasher.  But on the weekend - I wondered if they would find MOLD around that water damage - I looked and really couldn't see anything - but ya all know me - I imagined creeping mold spreading right across the whole house.
4) the foundation is cracking and chipping - as are the bricks.  and yes I know it is a condo - and therefore I am not responsible to fix anything to do with the outside of the building - including the foundation - BUT I was worried

Ok so Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. the inspector showed up - the buyers and my agent.  And the inspection started.  The inspector kept taking pictures of everything and looking worried.  The clients were following him around and talking away in chinese (yes the inspector was chinese) and it is horrible not being able to understand what someone is saying................ 

They did outside first - then they did the main level - then we went downstairs.  Now you should know I have 2 bathrooms in this house and a powder room.  I use the powder room and the main bathroom.  The bathroom in the basement I don't think has ever been used.  When the train set up was in the room outside this bathroom - I shut the water off and closed the door.  When the train set left, I opened the door cleaned the bathroom and turned the water off.  When home visits started I turned the water on (at least I thought I had) Sunday my agent said make sure the water is on........ so I went to make sure.  It wasn't.  So I turned it on.  I didn't hear the water running into the toilet - which is when I remembered there was a separate on off valve for the toilet.  I turned it on.......

Almost immediately the toilet started leaking - at first slowly - but then ........... BOOM a seal let go and gallons of water started pouring into the bathroom - with the clients and the inspector watching !!!!!  I figured that's it ........ I'm done now.

I turned the toilet off - mopped up the water - put on a good face - well as good as I could manage.

The woman said "the toilet will have to be fixed" I said " yes of course"

When it was all over - their building inspector said there were no problems with the house except for the toilet............ 

So now I wait to see if the flooding toilet scared them away.......... AND if they can actually get a mortgage ............... 

It never ends does it - this continuing saga of my retirement/move.


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  1. One small problem like that wouldn't scare me away. No house is perfect and if they're looking at an older home then they have to expect some "fix-its."
    Good luck!


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