Monday, April 22, 2013

Did I tell you??

* that I went to Kingston on the weekend???

*  that we had a rope class to go to?? Rope as in bondage - on Friday.  I had planned to get to Kingston with time for a small nap before dinner and the rope class - but schedules can and do shift and change.  

SO I got to Kingston in time to unpack - have a snuggle - get changed and GO!  I got tied up and untied and tied up again.  I got to bite try to bite W's neck and I inadvertently got to "cop a feel of a Rope Top's pink jiggly bits.

* that Saturday afternoon I had the first - tentative - meeting of Kingston submissives, bottoms and slaves.  Actually they don't have too many submissives or slaves in Kingston - but they do have a whole helluva lot of bottoms - especially rope bottoms.  I had 7 women out - with the possibility of 4 more the next time.  AND that dear friends is without even "advertising".

*  that Saturday night - we drove for about an hour to go to a munch with a whole new (for me) group of people.   AND after the munch we went to a spontaneous play party at someone's house and I got my ass beat.

*  OH YES - and did I tell you that on Friday night while I was being tied up and  was busy groping male pink jiggly bits that my house sold??

Yes you heard me right - a miracle happened and the house sold!!  I have a month to get packed up and out of here............. but all that matters is that house sold and I can now really truly see the light at the end of the tunnel - and the start of my new life with W.

And that dear readers is What happened this weekend!



  1. Hooray! I'm so pleased to hear that your house is finally off your worry list.


  2. I guess your new knot rope bracelet wasn't as good as you getting your ass beat, a bondage session or selling your house ( Well the house yeah I can see that one )


  3. Sounds as if you had a very eventful weekend. Congratulations on selling the house.

  4. just for the record - Sir kinda jumped the gun on the knot bracelet - i had intended on doing a blog entry tomorrow on how spoiled i am ...

    so stay tuned..........

  5. Yea!!! Your house sold. What a fabulous weekend!

  6. Ordalie3:11 pm

    The house sold and the timing is perfect! You won't have to move during the worst season. That's wonderful news!

  7. Ordalie3:14 pm

    Did the Asian couple buy it finally?

  8. @Ordalie - yes the asian couple bought


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