Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Rose by any other Name...........

When we all come to the net - we put on our cloak of invisibility - our nicknames. After all discretion is important. Anonymity even more so.

Have you ever paid attention to people's nicknames?? Sometimes I wonder how much thought is put into picking a nickname. (Mind you by this point in the life of the great web - it is very difficult to actually find a nickname that hasn't already been used - thus the weird numbers - dashes and other symbols after a name)

I think a good number of us try to find a nick that tells folks who we are. There are umpteen subslutbabygirlwet4u names online... Or MasterTomDickandHarry or Sirropewhipchain.  What does it matter what we call ourselves??? Isn't it far important who we are inside??

I prefer someone who is down to earth, friendly, non-judgmental, open, and honest - someone who doesn't play games - or snipe behind my back. I don't much care how clever their name is (or isn't) It's the person behind the name I care about.

BUT it has come to my attention that there are some of us who actually judge others by their nicknames and decide - because they don't like the nick - they will not acknowledge us. WTF??!! Really - that's the best you can do?? 
You don't like our nick !!! 

Sorry - if it wasn't so immature and childish it would be funny.

A Rose by any other name is still a rose - thorns and all.

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  1. How bizarre! Although in a way, I can understand. If someone chooses to call herself c**t I wouldn't feel comfortable having a virtual relationship with her if I had to type that word every time I emailed her.

    I suppose if you aren't a Harry Potter fan you wouldn't be drawn to me by my pseudonym.


  2. I think peopel should be a little careful about their nick names. Even though I try not to judge, I kinda agree with Hermione. But onece you get to know that someone, you might not even think twice about typing it out. I dunno.


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