Thursday, April 18, 2013

blog frenzy

I have been "bitchin" recently about not having much to blog about........ oh occasionally inspiration will hit - but then it wanes and I am left scratching my head and musing........... which - in this case - means not much writing.

kaya did a post the other day on Slavery ......... which really got me thinking about blogging...ok there is a connection - read her blog and see if you see it........ but trust me!!  in my head there was a connection between her blog and my thoughts on not blogging.

When I first started out blogging - it was pretty close to sub frenzy - I wanted all the thoughts / emotions/ feelings to spill out on to the page immediately and enlighten every one.  I WAS the muse of spankings and all things BDSM.  (ok ok maybe not the muse - but I sure had a lot of crap to tell you)  I couldn't write fast enough ....... I wanted to get it all out there NOW.  (sounds an awful lot like sub frenzy - I want everything NOW)

Anyway - here we are 8 years down the line.  My first blog was written on April 28, 2005.  Many years ago - a lot of water under the bridge.

My life with Sir has been chronicled from the first blush of sub frenzy - through the rough bumpy road times - to now........... to the grand old lady and her Sir.  We are both calmer now.  We are both comfortable (more or less) in our own skin and in our relationship.  We have reached a more mature place I think.  Our BDSM flows now... ebbs and wanes - but it flows.  

I am here for the long haul - so is W (I guess - I haven't actually ASKED him) Our lives are about day to day stuff - health - bills - friends - family and a whole lot less about US... about the D/s stuff... about the spanking stuff..... about bruises and welts and cheeky sub dances.

And so this blog (you knew I was gonna eventually get back to the purpose of this entry right??) is becoming more about life.......... the big picture - not just one small snippet of our life together.

If you read here - you will still occasionally read about the trials and tribulations of submission and maybe even Domming - but for the most part - we have boiled this relationship down to a delicious combination of all things good.  The frenzy is gone.  The words that needed to spill out have been read - and for me - they have been internalized and changed and made to fit us............not some fictional dream of BDSM (as I have said many times)

Blogging is in my blood - it will continue - but not in a frenzied way.  It will still be only my opinion (ok ok occasionally it will evolve from someone else's opinion/philosophy) but The Journey will continue.


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  1. Ordalie10:01 pm

    "The Journey will continue."
    And that's very good news!


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