Wednesday, May 01, 2013


It amazes me - maybe amuses me - how people read my blog entries and interpret my writings/feelings their way.  It is often the reason I don't comment on comments ........ maybe you need to see my writings the way you do...... I definitely need to mull over my words - let them marinate a bit - before I let go of them and move on.

That was what happened (to an extent) on my blog entry "Disappearing"  Yes I have moved before - but I either transferred accounts to the new address - or opened new accounts.  This is the very first time I have actually had to cancel anything.  Quite obviously I am not disappearing............ there are still a multitude of places that hold my identity.  But it did feel a little bit funny to answer time and time again "No I do not wish you to transfer my account - I just want to cancel".  

I am in the process of change - of a massive metamorphosis - symbolically I am leaving my independent past behind - and coming to W naked on my knees - naked as the day I was born (metaphorically speaking)  Coming to him ready and willing to start our new life together. 

From cancelled accounts - to furniture and "stuff" left by the roadside - I am coming to W ready to merge our two lives together into one.  One intense loving relationship that will be a new beginning for Him and for me.  One that will involve struggles to find "our way" struggles to find the right fit - struggles that will leave us more bonded together than ever before.

Metamorphosis is never easy - but once the shell is broken - and the new being steps out into the sunshine of life - the change will have been well worth it !

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  1. What do you mean " naked as the day I was born (metaphorically speaking) " >>> Metaphorically more like Doing it :-))



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