Saturday, February 09, 2013

This picture is brought to you by the month of February........from the calendar that hangs over my desk in my home office.

When I flipped the page to February - the saying bugged me - made me angry even.......
"Do the small things while they are easy
and do the great things while they are small
A journey of a thousand miles 
must begin with a single step"  Lao Tzu

Not exactly an obscure saying - I know it off by heart.  But reading it - actually reading the words made it sink in...... and it made me angry.  I have always tried to do things as they came along - tried hard not to procrastinate - I know that any journey begins with a single step - BUT - sometimes you aren't in control of your journey........... Sometimes as much as you want to move on something holds you back........ damn! February was making me angry.  I just curled back up into my lil ball and wished the world away.

And worse than having my nose rubbed in the saying (well that's how it felt - every morning when I sat down with my coffee - to see it looming over me - taunting me )  I kept seeing the stones.......... and I kept thinking 'road blocks' how can you take a step with rocks in your way.... having to work your way around them - or over them - just slows you down.

Then yesterday - or the day before - I am not really sure when my unconscious mind focused the picture - but this morning I am seeing it in an entirely new way.  

This morning I am seeing the ripples in the sand - to symbolize water.  I am seeing those stones - not as road blocks - BUT - stepping stones.  Yes the journey can begin with one step at a time - slowly - using the rocks over the water - one step at a time... slowly and surely working one's way from beginning to end.

I am no longer stuck (per say) at the first step but feeling as though I can gingerly work my way across into a new beginning ...... a new place - yeah yeah maybe with new stones to step across - but I can do it now.  I feel free - no longer stuck - no longer wanting to hide inside my lil house and let the world drag me along.  I am standing straighter today......... I am stepping out onto the first little stone - taking the first step in my journey of a thousand miles with a much lighter heart.   

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