Monday, February 04, 2013

Another Weekend

I think I am getting tired of blah weekends - which is probably a good sign........... 

Saturday I spent the day cleaning and some of the day vegging out watching my taped TV shows.

Sunday the girls were coming over for a small birthday celebration for eldest daughter.  I say "girls" but my grandsons came too - so the celebration was pretty even - 3 girls and 3 boys.    The boys played with their video games and we girls chatted - eldest daughter opened her birthday presents - we all ate cake .......... Then the girls packed up the kids and headed off to youngest daughter's house for a Super Bowl party - I do not DO American football - and truthfully didn't need the noise and crowds....... so I stayed home to clean up the mess and finish recharging my battery for the week ahead.

You have to see the cake I bought - mostly for the kids........... I saw them about a month ago and so wanted an occasion to buy one - just to try it !!!

Today - hopefully - W is heading back down here.  I have yet another appointment with the doctor tomorrow - to get the results from the test a week ago............. I am pretty sure things won't be settled tomorrow........ am pretty sure I am facing yet more tests that will make the diagnosis conclusive - shrug - but who knows............ 

And that was the "print out" of my weekend...............  


  1. I think really the cake was for you and KNOT the kids/Girls.

    The snow has stopped so I will be on My way soon...


  2. Anonymous11:06 am

    Just so you know, I am thinking of you every day.


  3. @magdala -- you will never know how your comments make me smile and feel warm inside.. thank you so much for taking the time to brighten my day, i do miss you - and your blog


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