Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Calling "Uncle"

Honestly I have lost track of the last time we had sunshine for two consecutive days.  It has been grey and gloomy and snowing for the past (at least) two weeks.  Not much snow - well not much for the Great White North.  We seem to have a major dump of snow once a week - and then the days following the major dump consist of light snow with dark skies.  I have had to shovel the front of the house every day ............ 

On Wednesday they are announcing another huge dump of snow.  And the long range forecast for next week - Spring Break - is snow every single bloody day !!!

I am about ready to throw in the towel - or in this case - the shovel!  It's enough now.  I could use a little sunshine right about now....... hell I could use SPRING right about now.. with daffodils and tulips and the smell of mud wafting through the air.

Everyone seems to be suffering from this interminably long winter - getting cranky and/or weepy.  Kids are fighting - adults are bitchy.

I am calling "Uncle" on this weather/winter.  I am calling "Red" .  I am calling "StopMotherFucker" and every other safe word I know.  

I don't think it will do any more good than when I use a safe word with W.......... Doms can be a bitch....... and Mother Nature is one helluva a Dom.  

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  1. Ordalie11:12 am

    Glad to have known the expression "calling uncle"!


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