Saturday, February 23, 2013

Social butterfly?

I am sitting here thoroughly enjoying my first cup of coffee in my pjs...... feeling mellow and relaxed ..... and yeah maybe even a little lazy.  I even slept in this morning to 6:45 .. which for me is WOW !!

Last night (after a very long day - hell forget day - long week) I went to a munch by myself.  Wanted to touch base with a few friends.  It was a good evening..but not as many folks out as I had hoped - and oh so many new faces.......... In my mind I am in limbo - not still here and not yet there.  So it makes it difficult for me to feel the connection to new folks.  BUT ...... I had great onion soup for dinner and some time catching up with one or two old friends.

Today I plan to start giving this old place a good cleaning - top to bottom - sparkly clean.  My plan is to start on the top level and work my way down............. (though sitting here sipping coffee in my pjs is not exactly getting much done)

Tonight I am going out for dinner again!!!  (it never rains but it pours) My youngest daughter has arranged a restaurant birthday party for my son-in-law - complete with both sides of the family (don't get me started on that) and of course my grandsons.  I never go out to dinner here anymore - and now this weekend - twice !!

For a number of reasons - this past week I have been thinking about relationships ........ and how women (not all but some) need - NEED - to have a male in their lives to feel validated.  My mom was like that.......... though she never did find anyone (settle on anyone) after my dad died....... but I do remember her talking about missing the male factor.  I have been thinking about that a lot............. and might even be able to rustle up a blog entry on how we value ourselves.......... but that's for another day,

Right now - the coffee cup is empty and the house is dirty - so I am off to clean.......... Have a great Saturday eveyone!!


  1. Ordalie12:45 pm

    "Missing the male factor": I understood it was a prominent and essential one when I was about 12: My father had been sent to a French hospital seriously ill and the house had been suddenly taken over by aunts and grandmothers.
    It was stifling, I was up in arms against that unacceptable invasion of our (and mine) house, I got rebellious and bad-mannered to show them they weren't welcome (duly chided of course), I couldn't understand why my mother accepted that unwelcome flow of unwanted (by me) members of her family.
    Xmas rejoicings were awful, even though I learnt later she wasn't keener than I was, she was just trying to establish some sort of normalcy.
    Poor Mum, I can't tell her how sorry I am now!
    So, you're right, Morningstar, it's really important!

  2. Ordalie2:48 pm

    And I realised much much later that my mother was just trying to put a semblance of everyday normalcy in our lives...


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