Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Heart Stopped

I came home from work - as usual - and was having my breakfast and second cup of coffee - when my cell phone rang.

By the time I got to it the person had hung up.

I checked who called.  it was my doctor's office.  My heart stopped.  The nurse had told me that IF they find cancer the biopsy report would be back within the week, and the office would call me.

So yeah my heart stopped.

I called back immediately - they put me on hold for 22 minutes.

When the nurse finally came on the was to tell me they had NOT called me.  WTF???!!  She said she was sure no one called.  I asked if my biopsy report had come back,  She said no.  I started to breath again.......... slowly.  My heart started beating again............. slowly.

Have I told you this stress is killing me???


  1. Just got that dreaded call not that long ago. Sending hugs and hope you get better news.

    If you need to talk, please, please, please shoot me an email.

  2. After this "non" call the Doctor is going to get an ear full for having STUPID staff!!!!

    Butt as the expression goes: No news is good news...



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