Friday, February 01, 2013

Post Script to School Humour

Just a quick addendum to yesterday's post about the "Great Kidnapper Caper"......

To recap briefly - my markers had been 'kidnapped'.  The ransom demand was 3 cups of hot coffee - sugar and 3 muffins.


When I got to school I volunteered one of my grade 6 boys to help me prepare the ransom.  We found a small square box and 2 styrofoam cups and a couple of packages of sugar.  We also took 2 small muffins (that had been leftover from the hot lunches the day before)

I had some instant coffee.  We boiled up some water.  And took the whole lot to the main office - the "drop for the ransom".  I made 1 and 1/2 cups of instant coffee.  We cut the second muffin in half - and we put 2 packages of sugar in the box.  We carefully and gently put the 1 and 1/2 cups of hot coffee in the box - without lids.  I then added a note that said something to the effect of " this is half the ransom demand - when ALL my markers and carrier are returned safely I will complete the ransom demand".  We put that in the box.   

Then I taped the box shut - with electric tape.

And we left the drop spot.

Then as more older kids came in - I explained what was going on.  I asked them if they wanted to "stake out " the drop site.  They more than willingly agreed.  

So starting around 7:45 in teams of 2 - my older kids started "nonchalantly"  walking past the main office

Around 8:30 I guess it was ....... two of my stalkers came screaming back to my office laughing and shouting that the markers had mysteriously re-appeared.  "We did it!!!"

Best part of the whole thing - besides getting my carrier back - the kids kept giggling and squirming and one of them said to me "I can't believe how much fun teachers CAN be!!!"  

Yeah believe it or not.......... we teachers can be fun (see me grinning??!!)


  1. Well whaddaya know, teachers are human too!

    Hermione (a teacher)

  2. I have loved every second of this little drama. Teachers are fun.


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