Friday, December 21, 2012

Last day

Well today is the last day of school - then two weeks of Christmas break!!  I have noticed that the closer we get to the holiday - the more stupid people become.  (I like to think I am not included in this statistic - someone has to keep their wits about them right??)

My staff  - well their brains - have all gone on holiday - happened between Monday and Tuesday.  The stupidity I am seeing from them boggles my mind.  Example - one girl had to fill in an absence form - it asked for the number of MINUTES she worked a day.  She put 4 in the space.  I took it back to her and pointed out it said MINUTES and she doesn't work 4 minutes a day - OR if she does - she is being grossly overpaid !!  She giggled and said "oh my" (literally that is all she said) the next day the form was back on my desk.  This time it said 4.4 ........ I took it back to her and she literally said she had no idea how to do the math.  I looked at her like one of us was losing their mind.  I said there are 60 minutes in an hour right??? you work 4 hours a day 60 x 4 = ??? and she said I just don't understand!!  I sent the form to the Board as is...... let them refuse her time off........ shrug

Then yesterday at the end of the day I was missing a little girl.  Turned out she was on the bus.  She was supposed to be with me.  I stopped the buses and had her removed.  Then I phoned her mother.  The conversation went like this:

ME:  I just took L off the bus
MOM:  Why??!!!  
ME:  because she is supposed to be with me today.
ME:  It's Thursday today.

Today I am dressing for the occasion - I am going in with as much Christmas spirit as I can dredge up.  I am hoping this way I won't kill anyone.............. 

Well that's not exactly what I am wearing......... yes to the Santa hat... yes to the Santa coat - NO to the corset and stockings and exposed breasts.  I am gonna smile a lot and say a whole lot of "ho ho ho's" and hope and pray the day passes smoothly and quickly.  

Then I am gonna come home and bake and clean and get ready ........... W arrives either today or tomorrow (depends on the storm they are forecasting - a tempest in a teapot I am thinking ) ........  Monday we are gonna celebrate with the family and Tuesday or Wednesday W and I are gonna head off to Kingston - for the rest of the holidays. 

I just need to get through this Last Day.   


  1. I hope you made it... I always feel like the last day is an exercise in patience and crowd control... Wishing you and W and the whole crew a wonderful holiday.

    hugs, swan

  2. Anonymous8:29 am

    I have spent a few Christmas in Kingston. I lovely city to be in.

    Mr. No Name


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