Monday, December 24, 2012

No Norman Rockwell

Today is our day to celebrate Christmas.  In just a few hours youngest daughter, her husband and the 3 grandkids will tumble through the door - eldest will follow (in a dignified way) ex-husband will arrive with his girlfriend. This is the last family Christmas celebration in this house.  The last .......... it feels funny to say the last.......... but I am a realist if nothing else.

In a couple of hours the turkey will go in.......... the veggies will be prepared ... the potatoes peeled - the table set.

I am smart enough - this year - to lower my standards.  No Norman Rockwell type dinner............. no - ours will be more real ........... with laughter and noise and probably some tears......... and a whole lot of love.  Stuff real memories are made of.......... and if I have any say in the matter - we will make some memories today - to last a lifetime.



  1. Out with the old traditions and on with the new and better ones..

    Norman Rockwell Christmas' are of spirit and love and that is where you are and who you are with..

    Season's Greetings to all and all a good time!!!


  2. Who actually does have a Norman Rockwell Christmas? Probably not even NW himself. Most of us live in the real world where Christmas is what it is. Make some good memories this year, then next year you will begin some lovely new traditions in your new home.


  3. Anonymous2:28 pm

    I love Norman, but his celebrations are a dream. Your family celebration sounds wonderful, I wish you joy Morningstar.

  4. Have a wonderful day! The magic can be left to take care of itself... It will surely happen just fine.


  5. May your Christmas celebration be all you hope for and as this chapter closes may the new one open doors to all that makes your heart sing.



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