Thursday, December 27, 2012

The BIG Adventure

Sometimes I put lil miss ashes through total torture and humiliation.  This Christmas was no different...............

 not only did she have to endure reindeer antlers - I put a fluffy red and white collar with bells around her neck.  

When the Christmas celebrations were over I spared her any more humiliation and removed the collar.  After a day of ringing bells and kids and loads of people and noise - missy collapsed exhausted.......................

Yesterday morning I started talking up the BIG adventure we were gonna have...... she kept giving me skeptical looks - and would lift her tail and stalk off in the opposite direction............ ya see - my being in Kingston for almost 10 days was just a wee bit too long to leave her alone.  So - W and I figured the best plan was to bring her up to Kingston with me.  

W found a neat very short leash that attaches to a seat belt which would allow her to curl up - safely - on the back seat and travel the 3 hour trip out of the cat carrier (which missy HATES!!) Mind you - she hates the car period.  Now a number of people convinced me she only hated the car because the only time she goes in the car is when she goes to the vet.......... and she usually howls for the entire 10 minute drive there and back.

So yesterday morning once the cars were both loaded up and we were ready to go......... I picked up missy and her favourite blanket and off we went to the car.  I fastened her in to her seat belt contraption and we headed off.  The minute I had closed the car door she started to howl................. and howl .................. and howl.  W had said that once I got going on the highway - the soothing motion of the car would settle her down - just like a baby.  

Oh yeah????? I don't think so.............. 

She howled and hissed the entire way to Kingston.  I kept thinking surely she will run out of steam - OR voice!!  but oh no - 3 full hours of howling.  By the time I pulled into the driveway up here I was ready to kill her - OR - slit my own wrists.

And then - for some stupid reason - I figured once she was in the house she would be happy and content and go exploring.  Wrong again!!  ( I was batting a thousand) she disappeared and didn't reappear for a good hour.  Then it was to ignore me and slink through the house - almost entirely on her belly - growling low in her throat.

By 8:00 p.m. last night she had finally settled down.  Where you ask??? On the foot rest of W's recliner.  W sat with his legs all squeezed to one side so lil miss ashes could be comfy................ (shaking head) She won't have anything to do with me and my wonderful ideas of BIG adventures - but has decided if anyone can be trusted it's W!!!

(Oh joy oh joy - in 10 days I get to do the 3 hour torture ride all over again - I guess missy is getting even for Christmas bells and antlers - pay back IS a bitch)

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  1. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Laughing you do have adventures! Poor lil Miss Ashes is no dummy she aligned herself with the one who didn't make her endure a 3 hour car ride.



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