Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend at home...

Between blowing my nose and coughing up a lung all weekend - 

I managed to finish my Christmas shopping, buy baking supplies, buy Christmas cards, do 3 loads of laundry, make 2 loaves of yummy cheese bread and 3 loaves of yummier cinnamon bread (I ran out of flour or I would have made at least 3 more loaves - they make great gifts!!) wrote 90% of my Christmas cards.........AND best of all................ 

wait - wait !!  I probably have never told you this.......... 

I love the Lethal Weapon movies - yeah yeah I know - but it is my secret vice.  I LOVE them !!!

Well Sunday I watched a Lethal Weapon Marathon - from 10:30 am until 9:00 p.m !!  I thought I had won the lottery !!!

And that was my weekend at home..........


  1. Anonymous7:56 am

    Don't think your blogger robot thingy likes me this morning. Cant seem to get the 'message' correct.
    Oh well 3rd time should be a charm.

    The loaves look delicious! Love fresh warm bread smothered with honey. And the house always smells so pleasant with the aroma of baking bread.

    Really morningstar, never pegged you as a secret closet violent movie watcher. Must be why you had so much energy... Bruce Willis got your adreneline flowing.

    this better work this time!!!

  2. WOW...all I did was bake about 8 dozen cookies! Those breads do look very yummy!
    hugs abby

  3. @Joyce - well yeah I hadn't thought about the violence - but are you thinking of the same movies as I am??? Mel Gibson plays in Lethal Weapon with Danny Glover and Willis does the Die Hard movies...

    @abby - well my hats off to you!! I would rather bake bread than cookies - in fact this Christmas I am trying to work my way around not baking ANY cookies!! am thinking squares and cakes - but I'll probably give way to the pressure and do a couple of easier cookie recipes...

  4. imperial11:48 pm

    Would you mind sharing your cheese bread recipe?

  5. Anonymous10:33 am

    oops my bad...



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