Saturday, December 22, 2012

Count down begins

Two days to go till Christmas Eve - when we celebrate our family Christmas..... two days crunch time.

W arrived safe and sound yesterday

Today I am gonna have a massive HUGE bake-a-thon and get all my Christmas baking done in one day (am I nuts??) I really didn't have the energy or enthusiasm to do it before - well other than all those cinnamon loaves I made.  (AND would you believe I have already given half of them away as gifts!!) I promise to post pictures of MY Christmas cookies - instead of someone else's tomorrow !!

Tomorrow is designated clean the house day - make the stuffing and do the laundry day......cause once Monday is over - W wants to start thinking about heading back to Kingston................ so I do have to have everything organised.  AND because I am still trying to sell this place - AND someone might want to see it over the holidays - I have to leave it neat and tidy and clean................... 

Yup the count down really does begin




  1. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Enjoy your Holiday...We're taking off to visit our daughter and family. Oh by the way...a bit of winter finally stuck its head down this way. It actually got down to 55 degrees last night. A lovely 68 right now.

    I love to hear you talking about baking and cooking. Its not something I'm fond of doing. I can do it just don't enjoy the doing.


  2. Ordalie10:21 pm

    Christmas baking? I marvel at your energy!
    How about giving us the recipe of your cinnamon loaf?


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