Saturday, December 29, 2012


sooooooooooooo - have you been wondering where I have gotten to????

We arrived (as you know) safely on Wednesday.  

Thursday it snowed and snowed and snowed some more.  W kept reminding me that I said "it doesn't snow in Kingston" (le sigh) W and I shoveled and shoveled and shoveled some more.

Yesterday the sun came out (briefly) and we went shopping.  I was lucky enough to get my hair cut and I found 2 winter coats for less than the price of one winter coat!!  One is red - and the other one is black with fur trim.  Best part - I love them !!  Then we went to pick up some groceries and to the dollar store to pick up "stuff" for our New Year's Day open house (Yes we are still having our traditional Open House)  Then I took W out for his birthday dinner.

This morning I made Bavarian meatballs to take to a potluck dinner we are going to tonight.  AND .............

joy oh joy - it's snowing again.  AND..................

joy oh joy !!  I have no voice............... not squeak - not a peep - nothing !!!  W is enjoying a lot of peace and quiet. 

I am hoping some vocal capabilities are back by this evening - otherwise I'll be the quiet subbie tied to the whipping post not making a sound - welllllllllllllll maybe squeaking a bit ................ 


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