Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Best Ever

At the party on Thursday evening...... when we had joined the others back in the main play area, Sir whispered in my ear that He wished He could use His knife on me. Now personally i didn't see why He couldn't........ hell at the mention of the knife i was ready to strip down and fling myself at His feet. i also looked lovingly at the rope cage not being used and could envision myself naked, arms pinned tightly to my side, and Sir using His knife to carve pretty patterns on my body.

dara left a comment on my blog where i discussed this rope cage... and left a link to a leather one.. that inspired me to look for a hanging rope cage and i found one.. very similar to the one at the party.........

can't you imagine yourself in something like that?? dangling from the ceiling??

Anyway......... once again i digress.......

The knife play was put on hold for another time and place. yeah i was disappointed.......... but that's ok..... cause what happened when we got home more than made up for that little disappointment !!

On Saturday evening Sir had me strip down and lay myself out on the sofa for a whooping........... it was fun.. and He used the perverted cheese board as a solid wooden paddle, as well as the paint stirrer, and the leather strap. Just when i was sure He was finished, He sat down on the floor beside me and proceeded to stick needles into my ass. Can i say "yummy"???? i don't think Sir has ever needled me after a paddling and the sensations were more intense.

Then while i was lying there all pinned down (so to speak) Sir disappeared. i could hear much fumbling around in the other room......... and then paper rustling and i couldn't for the life of me figure out what He was getting.

i didn't bother to lift my head when Sir came back into the living room....... sometimes the thrill of the unknown is better than knowing. i assumed He had gone to get a knife........ but i was so wrong !!!

Sir had gone and gotten the wartenberg wheel (i checked the spelling Sir - cheeky grin)

You can see an example of the wheel in the top picture.

He ran that wheel over and around the needles..... up my back, down my sides, down my thighs, up and down the sides of my breasts...... and across that spot...... you women know what spot i am talking about - the one at the very base of the spine. Oh my god !!! the pain was exquisitely wonderful.

This was even more enjoyable than the knife which has one singular point. The wartenberg wheel has evenly spaced sharp pins that roll across the body. Each pin prick is felt and magnified - especially when the skin has already been tenderized with a whooping, and needles !!!

Definitely better than knife play (though i had no lasting marks/carvings on my skin to admire the next day)

Yup .......... sometimes it pays to wait. yup yup yup !!


oh and for those of you who are wondering what the "Spank in the New Year" involved. It had nothing to do with 2010 spanks .. or challenging the Doms to see how many spanks they could fit in in the last 10 seconds of the year.

Nope ........ what they did...... around 15 minutes to midnight, they had all the subbies come over to this large rectangular metal thingy (don't you just love my descriptions?? !!) which was suspended from the ceiling and they cuffed each of us to it. Then when we were all firmly and securely attached, and the device was elevated so we were all on tippy toes, the Doms were asked to get their favourite spanking implement, (if they didn't have any - the hosts were more than happy to loan out some of theirs) and then at exactly 1 minute to midnight, the spanking commenced. We subbies had to do the traditional countdown 10.. 9... 8... well you get the idea......while the Doms spanked in the New Year !!

All in all it was an excellent way to bring in the New Year, with a warm ass, good friends, and my Sir !!

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  1. i find the rope cage interesting- wonder what it would feel like to be in? i think i'd feel like an onion in an onion bag...

    Spanking in the New Year sounds like lots of good fun and a wonderful way to bring in the New Year!


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