Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend fun

Wanna see what i did over the weekend - huh? huh?? do you???

remember how i turned the 'play room' into a "play room" for the grandkids a couple of weeks ago??

Well the play room looked great but the rest of the basement looked like a junk yard... so i decided - as i was home for the weekend - that i would use my time alone constructively,

First i dragged everything out of the cupboard under the stairs.... everything.,. including all the crap from the previous owner (that went into the garbage) and then i started reloading the cupboard with all the summer stuff....... lawn chairs, tents, tent warmers, pillows, air mattresses... Now that cupboard is called the "summer storage" cupboard......

Then remember the picture of the laundry room from after the big clean up in the play room ?? No?? ok here it is again.........

Well storing all the garden stuff in the "summer cupboard" freed up room in there.. and et voila ......... my neat and tidy laundry room........ (the toys are stored under the pink blanket - so furnace repair guys, hydro meter readers and anyone else who needs access to the laundry room won't get an eyeful!!)

Then i dragged all the garbage bags upstairs - because of where i live i can't just put the garbage out at the curb - but now must take it to the 'dump' ....... so the bags are piled at the front door ready to go out tonite.......

And then ....... because my god the weekends are long when i am left to my own devices.... i decided to shovel out the wood pile on my back patio

BEFORE ............


And now i am about ready for a nice long hot bath..........


  1. Well Done!

    I wish I had your motivation!

  2. If you ever want to visit Belgium and clean up my place, you are always welcome. Did I just earn a spanking with that statement?


  3. spankedhortic, you might knot have earned a spanking from morningstar, butt you have from Me, since she IS My submissive, remember that...

    Owner of morningstar


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