Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Great Reveal

Do you ever watch the show Extreme Home Makeovers?? (i think that's what it is called )

Sir and i tend to watch it on a Sunday evening when there is nothing else worth watching. i love to see the first few pics of the house - then would love to skip to the end when they all shout "MOVE THAT BUS" and this palace is revealed to one and all.

Ok.. so i had this great post to put up.......... the Great Reveal....... except for one thing......... i can not - no matter how hard i look - find the 'before' shots. i do know i posted the pictures to my blog some time back ........... i have looked but can't find them. i knew i had them on a CD somewhere - i looked but i couldn't find it.

Right... pictures of what i hear you asking........... pictures of our playroom/dungeon... with all Sir's toys hung on the wall, with the oriental theme, and the cross in the corner and and and......... well i can't find the pictures so so much for the "MOVE THAT BUS" moment.

And what great reveal .. i hear you asking.

Well Christmas proved to be (once again) a little noisy and more than a little crowded. i said how nice it would be to have a room to throw the grandkiddies into to play away from the grownups. Sir wanted to take His trains out of the basement, but i don't want that (unless of course He does it to make room for the new N scale plans)

While we were at the play party over the New Year's .. Sir said He would fold up the cross and put it away and i could turn the playroom into a vanilla playroom for the grandkids. On Saturday we went shopping for after season sales....... and with Sir's keen eye i found some good deals.

Yesterday Sir showed up here at the condo and took down the cross - just as He promised - and put it behind the laundry door (that's how small it folds up!!) And left me to work on the room.

Today was the day.........i scrubbed the floor, and scrubbed the walls, took down all the toys and assembled the clothes rack to hold them, i vacuumed the rug and shampooed spots (gotta love cats and hairballs) and then the fun began....... decorating and rearranging.

Ok .. so i don't have the "before" shots....... but i do have the after shots................

so let's all shout together now.........


The blue box you can see is the toy box for the kids

Here's some close ups of the new decorations

these look like lotus flowers (well to me anyway) they add a little colour to the jade green walls - and keep up the oriental theme

Now as for the toys.......... well they are on a rolling clothes rack......... and can be stored in the laundry room when the kids are here......... and rolled out into the room when needed. There are still the hooks in the ceiling so Sir can hang me.. or the cross can be brought out and put up in no time at all !!!

ahh yes .. and there was one last thing Sir found for me......... a coffee table for the living room !! i have been looking for just the right one... right size and right ambiance and Sir found it for me !! and on sale !!!

AND that is it for the Great Reveal ........


  1. What a great transformation -- a room that works in whatever way you want to use it. Don't you just love that "hiding in plain sight" trick?

    Nice work -- both of you!

    hugs, swan

  2. Well I am liking it smooth clean and can go into dungeon mode in a few seconds good show.


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