Saturday, January 02, 2010


Well we are home from the cross border party - no worse for wear. The weather cooperated - mostly - and though there was snow it was a far sight better than a whole lot of other places !! (Though the drive down the mountain - Sir says it was at least a 30 degree angle - over snow covered ice - was about as much as i could handle!)

i tried yesterday to post an entry about the party and i got as far as uploading the above pic....... and selecting a title and there all inspiration ran dry.

i realize that too much happened over the last 3 days or so, and it is all crowded into my lil subbie brain - screaming to come out.......... which makes for disjointed and confusing postings............ so bare with me here........

The one thing that really stands out in my head........... like a giant flashing neon road sign......... was the electro / pussy torture that was done.......and i am thinking if i don't get that out there i really won't be able to focus on anything else............

The house we were at has an amazing play area........ huge....... totally HUGE..... with so much equipment it boggles the mind!! A lot of their equipment involves winches - and hanging from the ceiling. There is an inverted cross..... honestly i don't know what to call it....... it is a cross on it's side suspended from the ceiling that the sub/slave can be tied to......... the beams of the cross are nicely padded and covered in leather with restraints at all the right places.

Early in the proceedings (the spank down to 2010) a young submissive was stripped and bound to this cross. Her Dom placed under her ass one of those hospital pad thingies (for what became obvious reasons) and then He stepped back and another Dominant went to work on her. There were electrodes attached to all vital parts of her body - her nipples, her clit, the inside of her thighs, and a large metal ring with a long screw "handle" was inserted into her pussy (the metal screw thing was left outside the body so only the ring was inside her ) - as a side note - it is damn difficult to draw pictures and make sure everyone gets IT !!

A small black box was placed on her belly.

There was no fanfare or sparks flying or anything else that might indicate what was actually going on........ but i had a seat pretty much at her feet - so i had a good view of what was going on................. the Electric Dom (as i will call Him) would turn a small button on the lil black box and i would watch as her body would levitate or twitch, and i would listen to the sweet music of her moans .. or jump to her shrill cries.

i watched as Electric Dom would move a small pointy thing down (every once in a while ) and touch the metal screw that was protruding from her pussy... that brought the loudest moans and cries. BUT when Electric Dom would place - what looked to be a small rubber backed material over her clit........ her whole body would twitch and shake and her head would roll from side to side.......her body straining against the restraints.

This scene took place over the better part of an hour........ i wondered how she could stand such intense pain/pleasure. Her Dom never left side and would from time to time hold her hand or kiss the top of her breasts. But i am not even sure she knew He was there, she was so lost inside herself. Twice Electric Dom had to stop and loosen the restraints on her legs and replace them back on the cross as her body had fought so hard against the restraints that her leg would slip down the side and just twitch there.

i am not sure if i liked what i was watching - i do know i couldn't NOT look - it was as though something would go terribly wrong if i took my eyes off her.......... and i know i have absolutely no interest at all in ever experiencing even 1/3 of what she experienced...... hell not even 1/32 of it!!!!!

Afterwards i did sit and chat with her a little bit...... when she was down - literally and figuratively. i asked her to describe what it felt like........... and she said some of the time it just felt like tingling.......... but when Electric Dom would crank it up - it felt like needles being jammed into her body.

Oh yeah............. and the hospital pad thingy?? well when her Dom pulled the metal ring/screw thing out of her pussy she squirted - what appeared to be gallons of juices........... her Dom laughed out loud and was wiping His face when He told her she "got Him" !!!

It certainly was an electrifying start to the New Year's Eve Party - their own 'fireworks' you could say.

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