Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Roll Call

i am home and i am getting very very bored.. and feeling just a tad bit like a fraud..... the swelling in the knee is down......Sir came yesterday and brought me the brace the Doc recommended to help me feel more secure when walking........ and it was like a miracle - i am walking again without as much of a limp.. getting on and off the toilet is still a bit of a challenge but ohhhhhhhh so much better..
BUT on doctor's orders i am home till sometime next week (at the earliest) and discovered yesterday there is only so much TV i can stand watching....only so much reading i can do with leg elevated......

And so i propose a poll of sorts - something i started to think about last week....... and i am now shamelessly going to plug the poll and beg (yes Sir beg!! but i am not begging Sir so it is ok) for you to read to the bottom of this post and hit the comment button......... i NEED something to amuse this small mind .. while i sit around healing ............ come on... help an old gimpy submissive out !!!!!!

Ok.. i don't know how well this will work...... it honestly depends on YOU my readers....

Above is the map that tracks the visitors to my lil blog......... and i am dying of curiosity to get an idea of the countries you are all from........... It honestly boggles my mind to see how wide spread the readership is......... from Alaska (this month) to Australia and New Zealand......

Come on folks.. you come here to read my writings...... maybe you learn something.. maybe you fantasize a bit.. what ever the reason.. i have a request........

take 2 minutes and hit the comment button.. you can even do it anonymously ....... leave your country and if you are comfortable - your province or state or city. Satisfy my curiosity about where you all come from............. (and yeah yeah i know i am being nosy.. but humour me !!)

AND as a small token of my appreciation for doing this........ i will post some pictures to the Photojournal......... or a story....... you pick what you would prefer as a reward...

So........ (for those of you who are unclear on the request) hit the comment button tell me where you come from........ and leave a request - pictures or story - as a reward for all your "hard" work

2 minutes that's all it will take..........................

Another editorial note:
i do not have any way of seeing ISP's and am not sure i would know what to do with one if i could.......... so come on....... country /state/ city/ village.. i am thinking of getting a real map and sticking pins in it......... (cheeky grin)


  1. Well I just found out about the knee I guess you will do anything to get into some sort of restraint. as for the begging seemed more like an informercial than begging .

    suggestions for passing the days away well get your new boy over and let him pamper you. Pratice beating his ass from a sitting position. Practice your knots. as far as your knee take you time and rest it well and then when it is all better do the exercises the Doctor will show you and bring out that famous anal attitude when you are doing them that means everday not just when you think you need them!

    Of course as a reward for me well an evil mind I do have as for my comment that I give freely
    get well soon

  2. Cloud:

    Thank you for your kind suggestions for passing the boring hours....

    However that does NOT earn you a reward because You didn't do as requested (what else is new?? cheeky grin) To earn a reward you must leave your location......

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  3. Anonymous10:28 am

    I think this'll even be my first comment! -laugh-

    I of the two dots in/over Florida, I think. (I'm guessing my IP still gets snagged even though I have you in my RSS reader thing.)

    It really IS amazing, some of the places that pop up on my maps. I've been considering doing something similar to this (askin people to fess up) but I keep forgetting.

    Anyway, now you know. Going back to lurking!

  4. Anonymous10:31 am

    I am from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. I mostly lurk but am a regular reader to your blog. Pictures to the photojournal sound great! I really love all the photos that you share.
    padme amidala

  5. Anonymous11:08 am

    I'm the Wisconsin dot, probably says Appleton or Green Bay (if they get that specific).

    I'd like some pictures. I even have a request if you're really bored. What about some pictures, or even a story, of bdsm things that YOU consider to be edgy. Maybe something that you have thought about but haven't tried (yet)? I'd like to see what it is that you find to be somewhat "out there" as far as s&m activities go.


  6. If you don't know where I am you're beyond redemption.

    For my reward I want world piece.

  7. T told me of your injury and I can just imagined how diffficult it is for you to be denied your classroom in its aftermath.

    I think you know thas swan, t, and I are all three in northeastern suburband Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

    I hope that with the support of your brace that your medical folks are able to release you back to your students soon.

    All the best:)


    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

  8. Anonymous1:05 pm

    i just read about your knee problems myself... i do hope you feel better very soon... anyway, i live in the united states, in the state of michigan, in a small town outside of grand rapids called coopersville..
    i would love more pictures too please!
    hugs and wishes for you to feel better soon,

  9. I am ten blocks north of an angry bossy sub hmm well though many might see the plume of heat rising most night not know it is you so Location On Montreal island in the west part of it , Quebec and yes it is still part of Canada.

    ps as for rewards the comment was for free I guess injuries to the knee can stop a person from reading all the way to the end

  10. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Northeast Ohio

  11. Well I'm sat typing this from Flanders (the Flemish speaking part of Belgium)but I come from the middle of England originally but have also lived in the north of England and The Netherlands.

    Communicating with other kinksters world wide is my reward, so I'm already there on the reward front but if you do end up doing a pin map from the results of this post, I would be interested in seeing a photo of that


  12. Anonymous5:56 pm


    Im from the Mid North Coast of New South Wales Australia. Approximately 4 hours north of SYDNEY Australia!

    My reward.... For you to be happy and healthy.

  13. Anonymous6:05 pm

    me i'm in the uk - north east Scotland to be precise.

    I had this idea once of BDSM pictures of the zodiac, its maybe been done by some one before I think but i was reminded of that when I saw your current header image with the girl with the tattoos with the water. So how about that a picture of you in a bdsm interpration of a zodiac sign...maybe yours ..

  14. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Lurking for a long your blog...Rochester, New York, USA...story please..

  15. evening

    Chicago IL

    hope you knee gets better soon

  16. Anonymous9:47 pm

    north east Pennsylvania

  17. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Colorado, Boulder County

    for this, i don't want a reward. Do whatever you want.

    BTW, hope the knee gets 100% soon.
    Sir's pet

  18. Sticksville, Northeast Colorado...
    Specifically, Fort Morgan.
    Good luck with the knee...they are tricky injuries from time to time...(even for us klutzy folk).

  19. Anonymous7:47 am

    You've had a rough time lately, hope this is the last of it.

    have been following your journey for some time.

    am from Melbourne Australia

  20. I am sorry about your knee. I have been reading your blog for awhile and have now gotten the nerve to write a comment. To add to your map, I am in northern Michigan.
    I call it The Great White North too.


  21. Well, I'm Great White Norther than aislinn because I'm in Eastern Canada, somewhere above her.



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