Monday, April 07, 2008

short and sweet

This entry is gonna be short and sweet....

i have posted a lengthy post to the Yes Miss blog......... about our session with andrew yesterday.........

andrew brought up something that got me to thinking..... he asked why no one commented on my blog....... (he meant the Yes Miss blog) but i wonder why no one comments on any of my blogs........ except for dear Buffalo - who hardly lets a blog go by without some encouragement.........

i know i am not boring folks to death.....i have nearly 200 hits a day..... and most are return visitors........... no one has anything to add?? to criticize?? mind you .. i will admit.. i don't always comment either... tit for tat??


  1. Anonymous7:33 am

    Wot no comment!

    It's a common problem, about 150 folk pass by our blog each day, and we have only a handful of regular commentators.

    But I don't comment much so I am just as guilty.

    Roll on 'Love our Lurkers' day, our hits and comments went through the roof for a while after that.

  2. Sometimes I'm empty-headed. Can't think of a damned thing to say and hate repeating myself.

  3. Time, time, always time is a problem, there are so many comments that I would like to leave on so many blogs but I only have a limited period every day, that I can spend at the computer and much of that is taken up with emails and other stuff.

    With this blog many of the posts contain accounts about play that is outside of my experience. Although I love reading them, there is nothing that I could add that would be worthwhile, so I just read and enjoy those posts without commenting.


  4. Anonymous4:50 pm

    I read your blog via RSS reader, so unless a post really makes me want to say anything, I generally don't.

    I don't blog for others to comment on though, it's for me and my Owner. I never really thought about the lack or desire for comments to begin with.

  5. Anonymous11:18 pm

    like luna, i tend to not respond to blogs. Perhaps to get a feel of whether people are reading, you need to focus on us, the repeat visitors. trust me, if you were boring me, i wouldn't have you bookmarked.

    You do a wonderful job of sharing your life with the world at large, and i even copy some of your posts to my Dominant. You often touch on topics of interest to Him, as well as myself.

    Thank you for sharing, Sir's pet

  6. Anonymous3:33 am

    I got the same thing, almost never get comments. But rest assured sweet lady ... we're here daily to dine on your dish of the day ;-)

  7. Me too. I just don't have time to do more than fly into the "friendly" places that keep my soul nourished.

    I should comment more, but then, I don't even respond to comments left on my own blog most of the time.

    Fine bunch of friends we all are...

    Summer is coming. I always do better in the summer.

    hugs, swan

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Ditto on some of the other comments about time and only feel silly after i type so just delete:) i also have horrible spelling! However, i do pick up on your blog almost daily and truly enjoy.

  10. although not a lot, I have in fact left comments here and there - I guess I feel sorta like a "lurker" - although I stop by on a firly frequent basis to read your blogs - I find them quite insightful! I will try to comment more as I do enjoy your writing.


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