Saturday, April 12, 2008

Early Saturday morning musings......

My morning routine is pretty 'routine'........ doesn't matter what day of the week it is.. first things first.. glass of juice and a pill..... while the coffee drips........ then coffee upstairs in the office while i read my emails.. read some blogs and wait for the heart to start pumping and the eyes to fully open.......

Saturday and Sunday are a wee bit different.......... i actually make breakfast at 8:30 sharp for Sir.. toast and coffee.. same menu every week......... simple actually.... most weekends Sir glares at me over the paper as i sit there with Him .. sipping my second cuppa... but rarely if ever actually consuming anything that resembles 'breakfast'....... i HATE breakfast.

BUT with the end of the pill regime... and spring arriving.. and feeling a certain - rebirth - i decided this week to eat healthier..... actually 'try' and choke down something solid around breakfast time........

And so this morning as Sir ate His toast...... drank His coffee and read the paper...... i choked down a 'smart' bagel (you know .......the ones that taste like white bread - but actually have the goodness of whole wheat - which i also hate!!)

Sir made some comment - god only knows what - i was choking down the bagel remember?? and i made some cheeky subby comment back - it all had to do with a whip........ which i knew for certain was not on the main level - because i had actually put the toys away this week - back down in the play room....... Sir went to the table in the hallway and rustled around in a drawer and came back with a little flogger..

Now anyone who says size doesn't matter....... needs to remember the saying.. it isn't the size but what you do with it that matters!!! Sir told me to stand and bend over the table... i asked - all sweet and innocent like - "during breakfast Sir???" to which He tapped the table and smiled devilishly at me...

So i rose and bent over the corner of the table.. and wham bam thank you ma'am.. my ass was being whipped rosy red and burning hot by this little flogger.........

twice actually during breakfast i was ordered to bend over the table ......

i have to say ........ it made for an interesting breakfast........ but now i wonder.. was i being rewarded for eating breakfast?? if that is the case....... i should have started eating breakfast a longgggggggg time ago !!!


  1. Smiled devilishly at you? Are you sure he wasn't wincing in pain at your incessant prattling?

  2. You have a wonderful writing style. i have enjoyed reading your blog for awhile now. i am one of those readers that don't comment much, but i'll try to do better.
    i am happy for you that you are done with your little pills. i hope that all goes well at your next visit for the biopsy.
    Good luck on the taxes...and yikes, i don't know what to think of those "sliders"


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