Monday, April 21, 2008

lions and tigers and bears - oh my !!!

i managed to get the back patio cleaned up ....... and get 2 of the 4 trellises stained yesterday....... it felt so good to be working outside in the spring sunshine. i took a 'tour' around the garden and the lilac bush is in bud... i see some other little hardy plants pushing their way up through the frozen earth..........

The squirrels are back to dig up the nuts they hid last fall.... and they are cheekier than ever.. don't seem the least bit concerned i am working not 2 feet away from them....... as i dumped the gravel from the roof down the side of the patio - against one of the trellis - i remembered the skunk that used to winter under the patio.....and hoped that either i sealed him in (if he was back this winter) OR i woke him from his winter slumbers and he caught the hint it is time to move on...... i grumbled over the smells of cats (not lions and tigers - more the domesticated sort) who have used my gardens as their own personal 'powder room' over the last 7 months - my god the smell !!!! i am thinking i might try moth balls again...... i spread them over the garden one year and that managed to discourage them....... yet last spring when i tried it.. i actually caught one delicately using a paw to roll them out of the way !!!

Sir being the ever vigilant .. ever caring Sir... decided if i was going to work outside with all the wild life.. i should be protected. So early in the morning, Sir called me over to Him and clipped on the bear bell. (Remember the hunt for the bear bell?? i should have known ! that as soon as Sir was here it was gonna be wakened from its long hibernation )

i know it doesn't look like much..... but my god it is heavy.......and it sways so nicely .. and pulls my clit hood down down down....... i kept having pictures of a National Geographic variety....... of African woman with huge holes in their ears and the ear lobes hanging down to their shoulders.

Sir would clip it on... and have me go about whatever it was i had to do.. when i was close to tears because the pain was beyond endurance He would remove it for a while. BUT .. it kept going back on.... training my hood to take the extra weight.. He even had me wear the bell while He had me over the ottoman cropping my ass.. if He didn't hear the bell ring He would hit harder OR make me spread my legs wider and would hit the bell - making it swing .........

i won't say there weren't times that the tension built up in my belly ..making me drip and i almost (notice i said 'almost') asked for permission to cum........ but i am NOT that stupid.. Sir would have decided that cumming would be done by tugging and playing with the bear bell....... and my hood is nowhere near trained enough to try that lil adventure !!

i am pleased to report though.... that the bear bell worked.... after a full morning working outside........ not one bear poked their head into my lil corner of the universe !!!

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