Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cleanliness......all that and then some.

Four years ago Sir took me to have my clit hood pierced (now that isn't news i know.. but stay with me.. it is an integral part of this morning's story) ....... He chose a ring called a bondage ball - because He had visions of ropes going through it..... and my weeping (i am sure) in fear.

However not long after i was pierced Sir and i were in a new pet store...... and we were looking for new and interesting toys for the cats...... and lo and behold didn't Sir find a cat bell........ i made some comment about "belling the cat" and Sir counted with "more like "belling the pussy" and the wee small bell was purchased.

Many a social occasion i would arrive discretely clothed .. and everyone else would hear a faint bell tinkling....... that caused such amusement for Sir...... He would call me over and have me stand in the middle of the group .. lift my skirt .. spread my legs and show everyone where the soft tinkling was coming from........ my hidden bell. He would joke about "belling the pussy".......

Then one bright fall day we had taken a train trip out into the country and had spent a glorious lunch hour wandering around this quaint village full of tourist trap shops......... and i found a "bear bell" it was explained to me that hikers clipped these bells to their back backs when hiking to scare away the bears...... i thought it sounded a bit like an urban legion...... but i liked the bell...... so with Sir's permission i bought it....... and had every intention of clipping it to the back pack i took to work.......

You can see from the picture how much bigger and heavier it is compared to the pussy bell........ but then bear's are bigger than pussies....

That bell never made it to my back pack....... no sireeeee !! Sir decided after He had the gauge changed on my piercing .... that the bear bell would replace the pussy bell .......... it didn't so much tinkle as go ding dong...... not nearly as discrete or melodic...... but that didn't bother Sir one little bit!!!!

And somewhere along the line the bear bell disappeared....... it honestly and truly disappeared in a puff of smoke. i couldn't find it.... all the threatened punishments in the world didn't make the bear bell appear...... even Sir had a look for it ........ it had just vanished !!!

And so Sir went back to the pussy bell....... when He wanted to totally humiliate me.

Now fast forward to Monday and a discussion i had with Sir about driving on fumes...... and filling up the car with 35+ liters of gas. Sir asked how many liters the tank held....... and i asked if i was really supposed to know that?? After all .......if i get really really low on gas.. there is a cute lil picture that appears on the dash warning me i am running on fumes. Sir told me to look in the car manual.... i asked if i was supposed to know where THAT was??

So a task was set for yesterday....... i was to find the car manual (apparently you are supposed to keep it in the glove compartment of the car !!! ) find out how many liters my fuel tank held - and then make sure the manual made it to the glove compartment.

Sooooo yesterday i opened the glove compartment - hoping against hope this manual was actually where it was supposed to be....... it wasn't........ my glove compartment was filled with tapes for the car - maps - pens - miscellaneous scraps of paper with vital information on them like shopping lists - so old they were yellowed. i decided in my subbie wisdom - if i was gonna find this manual and actually get it back in the glove compartment i had better clean it out........ and clean it i did !!! And lo and behold .......... under all the scraps of paper.. under all the pens and tapes and maps was........... you guessed it ......... the bear bell!!!

So now the bear bell is back in the house...... and i am sure sure sure Sir will have it clipped to the clit jewelry very soon....... stretching and pulling on the piercing.. making me walk spread legged because damn it !! it hurts to have said bell banging against my thigh..... tugging harder on my jewelry........

And this morning the car manual - which i found in the office in a box of cd's (don't ask the logic of that one) will be returned to the now near empty glove compartment of the car.............

oh yeah....... and the fuel tank holds 45 liters of gas (for anyone who really cares!!)


  1. question: it is NOT your actual clit pierced is it? I'm always confused by that - I can't imagine how horrific that woudl be and have read of women having that done. I have 4 rings but in the labia - not the clit - so - did it hurt? Mine hurt like a bitch LOL


  2. Well I thought that it would only be the dam birds making noise now I am going to hear a bell all summer.

  3. For Whom the Bell Tolls. I suspect it tolls for thee, Warren, owner of littleone

  4. grins - I agree - well worth it! and I have these little charms that D. hangs off mine too when in the mood .... or what about a ribbon threaded through in a lovely pattern, keeping everything all bundled up like a present LOL

    he's wants 2 more and then that's it (well, I hope so anyway - for sure runing out of intimate parts at 6!)


  5. I know "bear bells." In fact, hikers do clip these bells to their backpacks,shoelaces,hiking sticks -- all over the place in bear country. Many hikers also carry "pepper spray" to use when accosted by bears on the trail. In Montana, the joke is that you can easily tell the difference between Black Bear scat and Grizzly Bear scat -- Grizzly Bear scat has bear bells in it, and smells like peper spray :-)

    Hugs, swan


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