Saturday, April 05, 2008

living it versus playing it..

This morning as i was 'trying' to make the bed - Sir found the quirt and was taking target practice on my ass each time i bent over to straighten out a crease or pull up a sheet or pick up the pillows......... it was not meant to send me to fairy land....... it was not meant to be enjoyable .. it was meant to be amusing for Sir... and it succeeded (i assume from the grin on His face)

Later i read a post by drakor about sessions versus (i am honestly not sure what to call it) free flow BDSM - where the BDSM happens during the day ... during tasks and household chores.

And it got me to thinking............. i think it must be very difficult to meld BDSM play with normal every day activities when you are only meeting for the sole purpose of playing...... don't you think??? i can not imagine meeting someone for the first session and expect the same level of torture that comes from being with someone for weeks and months or years........

Ugh i am not explaining myself well .........

The type of play that Sir enters into with me.... the quirt on the ass while i make the bed - would not have happened when He was only coming over for a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon....... that kind of intimate play comes from being together regularly....... it comes from His evil mind and His evil desire to keep me guessing.. and it comes from both of us knowing each other deeply and fully.

It was the same when drakor served Sir and i.... it became quite easy to tie his balls in a rope leash and have him wash the floor while i kept the rope nice and taut - with an extra tug or two to make sure he was concentrating........ It was not meant to send him to fairy land.. it was not even meant to be enjoyable - it was meant to amuse me.. and it did!! BECAUSE Sir and i know drakor deeply and fully.

Now with the new boy - andrew - we are no where close to being able to have that kind of interaction....... and i question if we ever will........ because it means allowing someone 'in' .. opening up and letting them actually become a part of the relationship........ without that 'letting in' then i believe all the submissive or slave can (or should) expect - is a half decent (ok ok maybe bloody good) session..... hung from the chains.. and tortured......

But living the BDSM........... nope that doesn't come from a casual commitment to BDSM ....... it comes with a full commitment .........

and that .. dear readers ...... is just my opinion......


  1. True of all types of relationships and lifestyles.

    Good job.

  2. Nice seeing a familiar ass as for opinion we do agree and we differ c'est la vie


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