Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Juicy bits

And now for the juicy bits about the weekend....... (come on now.. confess - it really is what you all want to read about !!)

Let's start off with my fet wear for the night........ one of the more positive side effects of these lil white pills i have been taking for the last 3 months is that i seem to have lost weight.... (who knew??) and discovered much to my delight that one of my corsets actually fit again!! and no i have no pictures of myself in it... which is probably a good thing too.. because i think if i had a picture of me in it.... i might never wear it again.... it is not subdued.. it is not delicate or dainty..... it makes me feel wild (loosely translated - makes me feel like a slut) and makes me feel as though a whole lot more is being exposed than should be ........ it is red and black and lacy...... and leaves my ass showing and my pussy...... ugh......

Anyway on Saturday evening after a BIG dinner i put on thigh high black stockings.. knee high lace up leather boots..... a black thong (cause i don't care how much showing pink bits doesn't matter at these parties - i am at least going in more or less covered!!) and then proceeded to squish my body in to the corset............. (mental note - trying on a corset in the early morning on an empty stomach does NOT mean the damn thing is gonna fit as comfortably after a BIG dinner)

Then reached for my coat - and stopped dead.......... i had worn - what my mother always called 'a car coat' up......... It barely covered my ass!!! how in god's name was i gonna walk through the hotel lobby with my ass hanging out??? (light bulb moment - pull on the black trousers i had worn up as well ) and i did.. and i managed to walk out of the hotel without raising too many eyebrows.

We got to the party in more or less one piece - my feet were already hurting from being in high heel boots (i rarely wear anything higher than a loafer so my feet were screaming at me in less than 20 minutes - how was i gonna survive hours???!!) We got upstairs and i gaped at the crowd....... no one.. i repeat NO ONE .. was dressed in fet clothes..... in fact everyone was wearing vanilla clothing.. no bare skin to be seen.. no pink bits.. or wiggly bits.. and here i was all decked out in my corset............ i prayed to the BDSM gods to protect me!!! to make me invisible!!!

My first stop - after saying hello to hostess and submissive - was at the bar to pay our yearly dues..... and i mumbled to the boi serving me that i was gonna die ........... i had yet to remove my black trousers...... and he said "go for it" as he oogled my boobs.

It didn't take long for Sir to realize i was still sporting trousers and the order came to remove them........ thank god the club was darkish.. no one could see me blushing!! Even the offer from the Dom in a kilt to lift the kilt and expose his ass did nothing to make me feel more at ease. But the trousers came off and were stored away safely with our coats.

It really was an odd sort of evening........ no one really got down to naked - or fet clothing all night.. most staying comfy in their vanilla street clothes... and not many played either four or five couples i believe........

Sir decided that we would use the whipping post for the evening.......

mainly because it was just off to the side enough that He hoped He would be able to use some of the toys that require swinging.. the gorean whip, the circus whip etc...

Now that Sir and i don't play publicly as much as we used to ...... it takes me some time to find my space.. it is difficult to hear the other toys going smack... or thud.. it is difficult to listen to the other subs moaning or crying out and stay within "our" space. And i tend to turn my head a lot and try and see what is going on around me. Sir had packed our blind fold and i was more than a little happy when He slapped it on me.. it made it a tad easier to stay with Him.. stay in our scene.

And what a scene it was....... Sir took His time.. He was obviously in no hurry to get me up and bring me down..... because He started off slow and easy.... warming me up!!! (who knew Sir remembered how to do to THAT??!! see my cheeky grin??) it was a nice steady pace that i was more than able to keep up with....... all manner of wicked evil toys were used... and i loved it...... i remember - at one point - sticking my ass out further offering Sir my ass .. wanting the next strike... and i remember .. at one point.. hoping and praying that Sir wouldn't stop at just that point to ask me "who loves you?" and the "how do you know?" question that He uses to gage my level of awareness.. because i was in that perfect place.... on the edge .. just ready to take that giant step over the edge and reach out for my fairies that were dancing round round in front of me... And Sir didn't ask.. and i did take the step....... and later .. much later .. i was wrapped up in Sir's arms .. watching the pretty lights and thinking how wonderful the world was..... and who cared that my ass was hanging out?? or that my feet hurt so bad they were numb........ My fairies were there.. and all was right with the world..........

and for those of you who keep track of these things..... i posted April’s story to the Fictional Journey....


  1. Boi? Is there significence to the spelling?

  2. Buffalo:

    yup there is.. boi is a term from the lesbian community to describe what i affectionately call a 'butch' (at least as far as i know) ... in this case the 'boi' is a female going through the process to become male..


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