Sunday, April 06, 2008

slow saturday

It was a slowish Saturday....... i am on my 5th day of the 4th month of my lil white pills and moving slow .. feeling slow.. and slowly coming to the realization that this is the LAST month of lil white pills (see me doing the dance of joy - albeit a slow dance of joy??) Only one more biopsy to go through and (fingers crossed) a clean bill of health and life will (hear me?? W I L L !!) return to normal.

Anyway........ Sir did a little cropping of my inner thighs and pussy in the morning... allowing me to remain reclined in the lazy boy - and oh my god it hurt!! BUT a good hurt.. a wonderful hurt !!

Amazing - after a Friday of snow squalls and 5 more cms of snow - Saturday had dawned almost spring like !!! Sir suggested we get our acts together and drive out to the country to our favourite Irish Pub for lunch. Sounded like a splendid idea to me... even when Sir added that He thought i should wear a full body harness .. it still sounded like a splendid idea!!

i fussed a little bit when the ropes started going on.. it had been a long time... and it felt constraining (geeeeez it is supposed to feel constraining - but my mind and body don't always agree on what i can tolerate) Sir allowed me to wear panties - something that has never happened before.. and my heart sank a little bit - but health comes first and one of the side effects of the lil white pills is leakage (ok ok i know TMI ) but that is the truth.. and panties have become a necessity ...... to avoid embarrassing moments.

i missed the bite of the ropes against my pink bits.. there is something very intimate about the ropes fitting into the nooks and crannies.. the knots pressing ever so nicely against all the right bits.. oh the knots still pressed and rubbed....... but somehow it just didn't feel quite the same.

And Sir was kind to me.. making sure that the ropes weren't too tight.. that they fit comfortably....... yet despite all His tender loving care - getting into the car.. was a challenge of ropes cutting deeper into tender flesh.. and it seems once they have cut their path into my tender flesh they stay there.. digging deeper and deeper despite all my wiggling and adjusting and deep breathing.

We had a wonderful lunch sitting in the sunshine of the big windows of the Irish Pub.... watching the world come out of hibernation and make its way up and down the main street - people laughing and talking - coats coming off - hair left free to blow in the spring breezes... everyone - including myself - turning a blind eye to the fact there are still mountains of snow every where.

Lunch over - we had plans to run some messages on the way home.. But Sir looked at me and questioned if i had "hit the wall" with the ropes....... and i all but cried.. yes i had hit the wall.. i wanted them off.. they irritated me.. they hurt.. i was done. So home we came first - before the messages and the ropes were gently and carefully removed from my body...... i was disappointed in myself.. only managed to have them on for just over 2 hours....... no where near my record..... but considering all the factors - and the fact that there were rope marks on the old body........ it hadn't gone so badly at all !!!

And now for your viewing pleasure.. my rope harness...

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