Wednesday, April 18, 2007

just hanging around

For Christmas i gave Sir some plastic wrap - the stuff they use to wrap up huge boxes for shipping.. OR to wrap around pallets of bricks ( i watched the workmen last week wrapping the bricks they had just pulled out of the sidewalk in front of the school with a roll of the same plastic wrap) i was sitting staring out the window watching this guy wrap layer upon layer of wrap around the bricks and i couldn't help daydreaming.

On Saturday it was like Sir had been reading my daydreams.. He brought out the hammock swing we have and hung it from the eye hooks in the ceiling.. He had brought out the HUGE roll of plastic wrap.. And had me come downstairs to be wrapped. It was fun getting wrapped.. well fun watching Sir get dizzy as He moved round and round me wrapping me tightly in the wrap....... then of course when He got dizzy i got to go round and round while He wrapped and i got dizzy (ok ok.. more dizzy than normal thank you very much !!)

i was a little bit cheeky (yes just a little bit !!) and was tugging hard on the tension and managed to snap the plastic wrap. i was wiggling my shoulders around trying to create bigger shoulder space so that when He was finished i would have wiggle room (i LOVE having wiggle room dontcha know !!) BUT of course Sir caught me and tightened the application of wrap. At one point i was laughing and pointed out to Sir that the more He wrapped.. the tighter He wrapped i was folding inwards. And i was!!

When i was nicely wrapped from my neck to my toes.. i felt like a solid roll of human flesh.. totally unable to move.. barely able to keep my balance.. and most certainly NOT able to sit down lady like into the hammock. Sir had no patience with gentle sitting or lady like positioning... He just pushed and i fell .. into the hammock swing. i had a moment of sheer panic that i wouldn't be able to breathe - the plastic wrap had squished my chest cavity so that my breathing consisted of small shallow breathes... but i needn't have worried.. i could breath fine in the hammock. Sir picked up my legs and with a swish of rope had my feet tied to an eye hook in the ceiling.. He yanked my ass up and pulled the hammock securely under me.. then He walked around the back and pulled the hammock securely up around my back craddling my head and neck. Then He just walked away.. turning the lights off.. leaving me to sway in the suspension and adjust to the feelings.

It was an amazing feeling.. i couldn't move at all.. i had hair hanging down in my eyes tickling me and i couldn't even get enough breath to blow it away.. i was squished and feeling crampy.. for a minute or two i was sure i couldn't breath .. i was one step away from panic when it all came together and i just relaxed the muscles and went with the feelings... i did notice that i had some pins and needles - prickly feeling in my upper right arm - i tried to move the shoulder to straighten it.. because in all my fooling around i had managed to turn the shoulder inwards towards my body and i had one of those subbie moments of clarity when i realized i probably had pinched a nerve... compressed a nerve.. done something to a nerve in my shoulder. BUT i was bound and determined to enjoy the sensations of bound and floaty as long as i could.

It wasn't long before Sir showed up armed with the needles. i was whimpering even before He got the lid off the container.......... BUT i had to giggle when Sir suddenly dropped from my line of vision onto the floor and squiggled under the hammock... oh my !! how i wish someone had been there to catch THAT moment on film.. how domly is it to squiggle under a hammock??? It didn't take long before i felt the first sharp prick of the needle.. i yelped loud.. and Sir stopped. i was begging Him not to do my ass.. why ?? i haven't a clue.. i think i was worried about the ropes of the hammock somehow catching on the needles and pulling them out... i was just plain scared. Sir squiggled back up and put two needles in my breast.... i wanted more it felt heavenly.. but He explained later that He was concerned because the breasts were squished all tight down and He didn't want to hit vital breast tissue. (good thing cause i have grown rather attached to these breasts)...

Then just for fun .. and because Sir knows how much i love cold (NOT!!) He went and brought down the chain flogger which is always kept in the freezer - some days i wish i could hide it well behind the frozen hamburger or veggies....... but Sir always manages to find it. He carefully laid the chains across my body.... and i shivered. Did i mention how much i HATE the cold???

i figured out how to use my legs.. strung from the ceiling.. as leverage and gently rock myself. It was just so damn good !!! Unfortunately though..... the right hand was feeling dead..i tried to wiggle the fingers but it hurt too much. i called out to Sir who was working in the train room.. and He came immediately. The hand was a problem.. and because of the type of wrap He had done.. the whole thing had to come off.. NOW. Trust me when i say i held my breath as the scissors snipped through the wrap - especially when they got to my private pink bits and my breasts ... but in no time at all the hand was rescued. OH MY GOD it hurt as the blood flowed back into it !!!

Next time Sir promised to work out how to wrap my arms and especially the shoulders so that they don't turn inwards....... i think if they were wrapped separately then only my arms could be released .. and i could continue to rock myself to oblivion..........


  1. This beats the hell out of the plastic wrap story I was fixin' on writing for today's post. My vanilla butt will have to find another topic.

  2. LOL.. very funny Buffalo....

    btw .. i noticed someone in your comment section referred to you as "SIR Buffalo"??? made me grin..

  3. Finally got the swing up did he . Hmmm little one not being able to move and fidget must have been a novel sight he he he

  4. i haven't done any 'wrapping' in along time.....lucky girl!!!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures....beautiful morningstar!

    All my best to you,

  5. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.



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