Thursday, April 19, 2007

spring time thoughts

The Great White North can have some really weird spring weather.......... On Monday we had nearly 15 cms of snow (which is almost 6 inches of snow for anyone interested) winds that knocked roofs off buildings and downed trees and power lines. Today the sun came out and it was 15 degrees C (which is almost 60 degrees F). Yesterday i took off my winter boots... tomorrow i will (if the weather man is correct) be in shirt sleeves.

This change in weather has pleased a friend of mine who has (though he probably wouldn't admit it ) a shoe fetish. He loves .. and i do mean LOVES.. strappy sandals - especially if there are painted toe nails to go with them. (maybe a foot fetish too?? )

i have one pair of strappy sandals.. or what i lovingly refer to as strappy sandals.. and they HURT! i don't know why it is i can't wear heels of any shape or form for any length of time.. and most definitely NOT strappy heels.......

It is .. to me.. kinda like singing.. i can't carry a tune in a bucket (as my grandmother used to say) but god i love singing......... i die when i wear heels.. but god i do love them! There was a woman at school today who was wearing - hell they must have been 3 inch high heels. She wore them all day. i was jealous....... heels do something to a woman's posture.. and to her legs.. have you noticed?? yeah i was jealous.

My favourite foot wear is nothing... well some days i do add a pretty little anklet just for fun. i think i might just paint my toe nails - a pretty pink... because...maybe just maybe.... spring has arrived??!!

Many years ago i had a poem stuck to my fridge.......i think it is way past time to pull it out and stick back on the fridge.. the end bit went:

If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot
earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall.

If I had it to do again, I would travel lighter next time.
I would go to more dances.
I would ride more merry-go-rounds.
I would pick more daisies.

by Nadine Stair


  1. A shoe fetish? That is freakin' sick! Admiring a shapely foot in a strappy sandals - that's ... merely the starting point for a visual journey upwards.

  2. (cheeky grin) yeah yeah.. so you say Buffalo!!!

  3. Anonymous10:35 pm


  4. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Yes, little one... high heels are absolutly doing something to a woman posture, as it curved her back and often difformed her for life... but, who cares??? I have my high heels almost every day for work... and I love it!!!


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