Friday, April 20, 2007


Remember how i was trying very hard to get back to basics with my blog?? not worry about what others thought .. just write for me?? remember?? sighhhhhhh..i must confess.. i have had a set back... BUT i think it was / is a good one!! honest i do!! i know maybe i should close my eyes and pretend i didn't see it.. maybe i should just move along and not let it tickle my ego........... BUT... i tried and i failed.. i am so weak !!!

Anyway.......... i was up before the birds this morning (ok ok sometimes i get UP before the birds but i most definitely do NOT go to bed before the birds - stern look in a westerly direction!!) and i was reading blogs.. and came across one that announced i had won "The Thinking Blog Award"??!!!

It turns out that a subtle slave girl decided that my blog made her think!! and as per the prescribed rules for this meme/game.. a) i was awarded the award..... b) i have to nominate 5 blogs that make me think..and c) link back to the original blog that started it all..........main blog site

It was kinda nice to know my blog makes someone think..... more so that i stumbled upon this award given to me... wow! and because i didn't really KNOW about the award.. because it wasn't sent to me per say.. i thought it would be ok to be proud of the fact.. and to write about it... (follow my subbie logic?? )

The tricky part comes now.. according to the rules i must now/ should now nominate 5 blogs that make me think...... oooooops i don't mean i can't come up with 5 blogs .. i mean it will be difficult to come up with ONLY 5 blogs and not hurt anyone's feelings.........oh and btw.. my 5 blogs are NOT in any order - that would be too difficult to do.......... all the blogs i read are #1 thinking blogs.. and no i am NOT sucking up!!!

and i am going to start with a qualifier.. i am NOT nominating my Sir's blog .. because HE makes me think.. not His blog... (god i hope i am not hurting His feelings.. cause ya know what is gonna happen if the Dom's feelings get hurt .............. i can only dream!!! cheeky grin)

ok.. here we go.....

#1 is Buffalo’s blog.. i can't remember when i stumbled upon his blog.. sometime before he started on his great adventure "The Ride about".. this man makes me laugh, cry and stamp my feet with his writings...... the blogs about every day life in Friendly Manitoba are probably my favourite!!!

#2 is swan’s blog ...... when swan writes i always pay close attention.. her blogs parallel to some degree some of the struggles that Sir and i have had.. that i have .. and she gives out some of the best advise i have ever received - on line or in real life....... i am hoping against hope that one day swan and the Clan will be able to visit the Great White North so she and i can sit and talk for hours about our beliefs .. our desires.. and our Doms.. (cheeky grin)

#3 is magdala’s blog - as much as she doesn't post too often.. she always makes me think.. sit up and take notice... she has a wonderful way with words and describing life....... and she has been most patient with my emails asking for further explanations and clarifications..

#4 has to be my cheeky sub friend - drakor’s blog. i love to watch his threads unravelling (cheeky grin - sometimes without any effort at all) he writes from the male sub arena - which sometimes is very different from the female sub perspective. AND he does come up with some interesting challenges ..

#5 - it is hard to chose the last one of my "thinking" blogs..... but i think it has to be an an american geisha’s blog... if for no other reason than this girl DOES indeed write for herself....... i should try and emulate her a little bit more !!

and finally i have to thank .. again.. a subtle slave girl for letting me know i am doing something right with this blog.. making it a thinking a blog....... even if i am the only one doing the thinking.. (that is ok too!!)


  1. Thanks for the mention, Lovey, but I already got this one -- and sent a "Thinking Blogger" mention your way. I guess I didn't do a good job of letting my nominees know. My bad... Glad somebody else actually got to you. You really do deserve this one! Congratulations!


  2. congratulations you deserve the accolade.

  3. Well hello! It's nice to meet you and thanks for giving me a shout out. You made me blush. :)

  4. Anonymous4:17 pm

    that was sweet!

  5. Heady stuff, Morningstar. Thank you.

  6. Hee hee! I just thought I'd slip that award to you under the mat and see what happened :) Naughty aren't I?

    You well deserve the award and I just wanted to say that I love the new look.



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